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Milwaukee Mediation Center Offering Training in Mediation for Family Law Workers

Saturday, January, 5, 2019

Resolving differences between family members, especially in-laws, can be problematic.  Unfortunately, even minor issues can turn into battles that last for years and tear families apart.  Many of these issues even have a legal angle, especially if the deal of a family member, custody of a child, or other sensitive issue is involved.


Now, the Family Mediation Center based in Milwaukee will offer a mediation training session regarding family law to help participants understand how mediation can help resolve difficult disputes.  The training is intended to help those who are already working with those involved in family legal disputes attempt mediation in an effort to resolve the matter outside of court.  It is primarily geared to those who are divorcing, though mediation can be helpful in a variety of different scenarios.


The training session is schedule for the spring of 2019.  The sessions will take place in downtown Milwaukee and be held May 2 and 3, and then again May 16 and 17 at the University Club.


Training will be offered by experienced mediators in Wisconsin.  They will guide participants through an approach to mediation that is interdisciplinary and discuss things like ethics, practical knowledge, and neutral drafting.  The training is available for any professionals that work with people who are seeking divorce. 


Participants can receive 30 continuing legal education credits that includes three credits in ethics.  Early enrollment in the sessions can save participants nearly $300 in enrollment fees.  Training is also available at a discounted amount for government employees, non-profit organization employees, and students.