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North Salt Lake Landslide Disputed Likely Headed to Mediation

Saturday, May, 7, 2016

City leaders in North Salt Lake City, UT are considering using mediation to settle the dispute between residents, utility companies, and others affected by the North Salt Lake landslide. They want to find a permanent solution and end the ongoing debate over the issues related to the matter.


The landslide occurred during the summer of 2014. Most of the surface area has been stabilized, but the bottom of the landslide hasn’t been fixed yet because of the lawsuits surrounding the event. When the landslide occurred, an area tennis club was damaged. The owners of the club claim the city’s plans will limit their use of the space. The club is one of many area businesses and individuals debating the cost and responsibility of fixing the problem.


North Salt Lake’s mayor is hopeful mediation will begin by early summer and settle the majority of issues connected to the landslide, enabling crews to move forward with the remainder of the repairs. In the meantime, some city leaders are considering temporary fixes that have been recommended by geotechnical engineers that will help them address the soil at the base of the landslide. The soil keeps cracking, and could collapse and slump because of erosion and the instability of the area. They might fill the cracks with more soil and dig ditches to reduce water build up. In the long run, a buttress would likely be created as a permanent solution, as long as all parties can agree on the details during the mediation process.