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Parking Dispute Continues between Volusia County and Dayton Beach Shores

Tuesday, May, 29, 2018

Despite the meeting that was believed to have settled the dispute between Volusia County and Daytona Beach Shores over beachfront property in the area, the problem has actually escalated and problems continue.  Both sides are frustrated, but mediation efforts are likely to continue.


The initial meeting lasted nearly two hours.  It appeared that Volusia County would allow the use of the two parcels of land on State Road A1A to be used as parking lots.  This was despite the city’s hopes that the area would be used for the construction of condos.


On May 1st, at a County Council meeting, there was a vote held that resulted in a 6-1 decision to bring in a third-party mediator.   However, the county failed to communicate this intention to the city, and city officials became frustrated with the oversight. 


A second meeting was requested by the attorney for the Shores.  The city manager called the call to mediation an effort by the county to “assert its control,” and said, “This is a power play by the county against the city that has nothing to do with these two properties.  It is about (the county) doing what they want to do come hell or high water against every city in Volusia County. ”


City officials have complained publicly that they had not been informed of the county’s intentions until after the deal.  They also claimed the county’s plans are against the overall comprehensive plan, which included plans for condos or a hotel along the oceanfront.  If plans fall through for the condos or hotel, it would cost the city $200,000 a year in property taxes.  The dispute really got going when the City Council passed an ordinance to allow beach parking, which then triggered three lawsuits filed by the county.