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Portugal’s Lorry Drivers’ Union Announces It Will Suspend Strikes to Participate in Mediation

Tuesday, September, 3, 2019

Portugal’s National Union of Dangerous Goods Drivers (SNMMP) recently announced it would be willing to suspend its ongoing strike to participate in an attempt at mediation.


According to the statement issued recently by the union, "Because we want to make it clear to the country and parties that we have always acted in good faith in this process, we announce, right now, the temporary suspension of the strike from the time of the beginning of the meeting to be convened by the government, until the plenary of dangerous goods drivers, scheduled for next Sunday, when the drivers will decide on their future.”


The union claims it believes the right conditions exist for both sides to sit down at a table together and discuss the issues.


The strike began in mid-August and was called for by the SNMMP and another union, the Independent Union of Goods Drivers (SIMM). SIMM stopped its protest efforts that same night it started, though, and requested mediation.


That week, the government announced it would appoint a mediator, but then announced that mediation would not be possible unless the strike was called off. Following the first day of the strike effort, Portugal’s government decreed a partial and gradual civil requisition, alleging non-compliance with the minimum services.


Reports are now that the mediator has been appointed and negotiations can begin. The union was instructed to call off the strike because of the compliance agreement it signed in May that provided for salary increases.


Now both sides will come to the table with the assistance of the mediator to resolve the issue and end the strike for good.