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Residents Will Fund Erosion Mediation

Thursday, January, 7, 2016

Residents along the 200 foot stretch of town on Great Bay Street in the Maravista area of West Virginia will be footing the bill to fix the problems with erosion. The decision was made at the December 21st meeting and was unanimously approved by the applicants that requested the conservation commission give permission to perform the improvements. The applicants were residents of the property at 263 Great Bay Street and 37 Pocasset Street.


The work will be performed by Falmouth Engineering, Inc. and will be conducted alongside Wilkinson Ecological Design of Orleans. The area in which erosion is a problem overlooks Great Pond and has continued to increase in severity, causing the residents of the neighborhood to be increasingly concerned. At times, stretches of the street were impassible by vehicle.


The problem will be solved with a 20-inch diameter coconut fiber long that will be installed along the edge of the street. The log will include beach sand, sediment, and bioengineering materials that allow for beach grass and vegetation to grow, while simultaneously protecting the road. The fiber is resistant to saltwater degradation, so it is expected to offer a long-term solution, anywhere from seven to 40 years.


Residents point out the log is just a beginning and further restoration efforts are needed in the area, including at least a nearby one mile stretch of road. They are happy the work has begun, but acknowledge it is a big job and this is just a start. The residents point out they have no intention of funding further efforts.