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San Diego Mayor In Mediation; Possible Resignation Ahead

Saturday, August, 24, 2013

The news has been abuzz with stories about San Diego mayor Bob Filner, leading to closed-door mediation sessions held on recently to discuss the concerns and the future of his case.  No immediate solution was reached during that meeting, which was attended by attorney Gloria Allred, City Attorney Jan Goldsmith, and Filner. 


Former Communications Director McCormack Jackson is suing the city and the mayor over sexual harassment claims.  The mediation hearings are designed to include discussion about the potential for the mayor’s resignation.  Those involved in the meeting did not share any details about what had been discussed and instead opted to confirm that a mediation hearing had indeed occurring.  No one commented about when the next hearing was scheduled, either. 


The city attorney was able to mention that the mediation sessions were going to move ahead with further sessions, but officials would not comment on whether the mayor planned to resign or not.  Mediation experts commented that it was highly unlikely all the parties involved were actually meeting face to face for these proceedings.  In situations like this, the proceedings are usually held behind closed doors and most of the time the disputing parties will not actually speak directly to one another, with mediators instead serving to relay messages between the people involved.  It’s hoped that mediation might bring about a resolution quickly, although the entire proceeding could take several months. 


The mayor has currently refused to resign although a recall effort has popped up to remove him from office.  Although increasing numbers of women are commenting about alleged sexual harassment concerns experienced with him, the mayor has continued to deny any of these claims.  In addition to allegations of sexual harassment, the mayor has been accused of misusing city credit cards and shaking down developers.  He has maintained an under the radar appearance since the allegations surfaced.