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SkyTrain Workers Strike, Will Attempt Mediation

Wednesday, December, 4, 2019

A strike was launched after receiving approval from nearly 97 percent of SkyTrain workers.  According to the union president, "It sends a strong message to our employer that our members are not happy with how the bargaining process has gone through.”


The announcement of the strike came after Unifor, another union that represents workers for the Coast Mountain Bus Company, announced a three-day shut-down as part of its bargaining strategy.


Despite the announcement of the strike, the two sides will begin mediation in hopes of negotiating a new contract with the assistance of a third-party neutral.  At least one person involved in the ongoing dispute says he is looking forward to the discussions that will be a part of mediation and hopes that they will help the two sides in coming to a “fair and reasonable collective agreement.”

A representative from SkyTrain says they have tried to do everything possible to prevent a strike but the power always lies with the workers in the end.


Despite the approval to strike, no official strike date was announced and no two-day notification, which is required, was given.  A strike would call attention to the importance of the workers and increase public pressure on the company to meet worker demands, no matter how impossible that might be.


The union represents 900 SkyTrain workers who provide services as attendants and control operators, as well as administrative workers, and technical and maintenance staff.


Mediation meetings are scheduled for mid-December if no agreement is reached by that point.