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Stormy Daniels to Receive $450,000 from the City of Columbus

Wednesday, October, 23, 2019

The city of Columbus will pay adult film start Stormy Daniels $450,000 after she was arrested at the Sirens Gentlemen’s Club, a local strip club, this past summer. The settlement came as a result of four-hour mediation between Daniels and city officials.


Daniels, whose legal name is Stephanie Clifford, was arrested in July at a Cleveland Avenue strip club on charges that were later been dropped. Daniels had originally sought $2 million in the civil lawsuit she had filed against the city, but confirmed the amount after the mediation was completed when she spoke to reporters outside of the meeting location.


According to Meredith Tucker, spokeswoman for City Attorney Zach Klein, “All parties agree that a settlement of $450,000 was fair, given the facts and circumstances involved.” The city council must still sign off on the settlement before it can be finalized.


There were two other women involved in the incident who were both employees of the strip club.


Though the charges were dropped, the three women were accused of touching patrons at a sexually oriented business, which is in violation of Ohio state law. All of the women were released within hours of their arrest and Klein’s office dropped the charges after reviewing the laws associated with the arrest.


The Division of Police recently announced that two of the four officers involved in the arrest would be disciplined. Three of their supervisors are also facing disciplinary measures. An internal investigation revealed that the arrests were not politically motivated. Daniels has claimed to have an affair with President Donald Trump.