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Texas Honky Tonk Bar Involved in Mediation

Wednesday, June, 7, 2017

A recent mediation between Billy Bob’s Texas and the bar’s investors failed to help the parties reach a resolution to their ongoing dispute.   Billy Bob’s is a honky-tonk bar that is well known throughout the state and the country. 


The mediation session was held by State District Judge Michael Wallach in an attempt to end the feud between the bar and the investors.   This was the second mediation attempt for the parties, the first of which had been court-ordered.  


The day-long mediation yielded no agreement, according to the attorney for the minority stakeholders in the honky-tonk.   He stated everyone was disappointed, but if a resolution is not possible through mediation, they intend to move forward with litigation. 


The dispute arose from disagreement over the future of the honky-tonk, which is considered a Texas landmark.   Unfortunately, there are also hard feelings between the partners regarding the future of the entire Historic Stockyards. 


The dispute began when the club’s majority owners attempted to fire Billy Bob’s manager, Concho Minick.   The majority owner group includes Minick’s father, Billy Minick, as well as the Hickman family who is responsible for a large chunk of the Stockyards redevelopment plans.   The group disagrees with Concho’s plans for the bar, including $1 million in improvements. 


The minority owners group which includes Concho opposed the termination and voiced their concerns that the Hickmans’ development plans are a problem.   There was a temporary restraining order issued to block Concho from being fired. 


Both sides are hoping a resolution can be reached that does not involve the destruction of Billy Bob’s.   The next step is a hearing in mid-June.