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Union Rejects Golf Club’s Offer of Mediation

Wednesday, May, 13, 2015

The labor dispute between the Nanaimo Golf Course in British Columbia and the union representing its 20 employees, Unite Here Local 40, will not be headed to mediation despite a suggestion by management that this might be the best way to settle things.


The golf club’s employees went on strike in late March. The club’s management responded by locking the doors and refusing to let the workers in. At issue are salaries and the period of time new workers would have to earn a lower wage before “graduating” to the higher wages that long-term employees earn. The union believes the basic wage issue could be mediated, but that the “waiting period” issue is larger and more complex.


The union, however, also claims it has not been contacted by management regarding any talks, negotiations, or mediation process. The club claims otherwise—that it formally suggested mediation and the union rejected the offer.


The club as a whole remains open and offers limited services, as the maintenance and Pro Shop employees are not on strike and management is performing many of the duties of the striking workers as well. The course itself and the driving range remain open, and the clubhouse is still available for events. The striking employees are not preventing people from accessing the club, but business is certainly down at the club. Both sides of the dispute have stated an eagerness to engage in negotiations, but so far none have been scheduled.