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Do I Need a Mediation Lawyer?

Saturday, January, 15, 2011

A mediation lawyer is a professional, trained and attentive third party who steps in when you and your opposing party cannot come to a mutual decision.

As an aside, attorneys are like a mix between the security guards and social workers for court rulings. This may seem like an interesting, yet somewhat confusing statement, it ultimately seems to be true and especially applies when it comes to the concept of mediation.

In many cases, a mediation attorney will possess both  the knowledge and experience in the specific legal field that your issue falls into, giving them that extra insight to the situation at hand.  It may sometimes make the process run much smoother to have a mediation lawyer handle your case, as they will surely possess more than just great negotiating skills. A mediation attorney can also serve as your personal attorney if you choose to have one present. The beauty of mediation agreements is that a mediation attorney does not need to be present at all; however, this decision may only be made by both parties agreeing.

In order for the process to run as smoothly as possible, both parties must agree on whether or not they will each have legal representation throughout the process or just represent themselves, more commonly known as pro se representation. Despite which way you and your opposing party decide to go, a mediation lawyer is always an option to have and may be a beneficial one to look into.