What Are My Rights After Being Charged with a Drug Crime?

What Are My Rights After Being Charged with a Drug Crime?

You likely will feel fear, panic and confusion after you are arrested for a drug crime. However, it is important to stay calm and remember your rights so that you can avoid making a mistake that can result in substantial time behind bars. Here is a short overview of your rights after being charged with a drug crime.

Right to Remain Silent
You have probably heard it a million times in cop shows. When a person is arrested, he or she is told they have the right to remain silent. However, many people forget about this right or they have the natural response of wanting to deny the charges against them. The best thing that you can do to help your case is to remain silent. Cops are trained at trying to extract damaging information from suspects and provoking them to say something that is later used against them. Avoid the bait and simply remain silent. Then, say that you want a criminal defense attorney in Perham.

Right to a Phone Call
After booking, you are allowed a phone call. Use this phone call wisely. Call a criminal defense attorney in Perham directly. Keep my number on you: 218-346-4600. If you do not have my number, call a family member and instruct them to call me on your behalf. Once you make this phone call, I can begin mounting a defense for you and looking into getting you out of jail.

Right to Hear the Charges Against You
It is not uncommon for a simple possession charge to become inflated into even more serious charges. At your arraignment, you have the right to hear the charges against you before pleading guilty or not guilty. If you have not yet hired an experienced criminal defense attorney in Perham, plead not guilty at this hearing.

Right to the Protection of Your Constitutional Rights
You have certain important rights that arise during the course of a criminal investigation, including the right to be free of illegal searches or seizures. Your Perham criminal defense attorney can investigate whether police conducted an illegal search of your home, vehicle or person. If they did, your lawyer can fight to have this evidence ruled inadmissible.

Right to Have Your Lawyer Present for Any Questioning
If law enforcement questions you, you have the right for your lawyer to be present for any questioning. Insist on this right and avoid answering any questions or signing anything without your lawyer advising you to do so.

Right to Fight the Charges Against You
Even if drugs were found in your possession, you have the right to fight the charges against you. Your criminal defense attorney in Perham can lodge an aggressive defense. The prosecutor has the burden of proof of showing that you committed the crime that you are charged with by providing proof beyond a reasonable doubt. Your lawyer can advise you whether it is in your best interest to proceed to trial or if a plea bargain may be better. He or she can also investigate if an alternative sentencing option or drug treatment would best serve you.

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What Are My Rights After Being Charged with a Drug Crime?