Anna J. Niemann

Pro-Active Mediation

2120 Shielah Way
Sacramento, California 95822


Commercial, Contract, Divorce, Divorce Modification and Enforcement, Elder, Family, Legal Malpractice, Medical Malpractice, Personal Injury, Probate, Product Liability, Professional Malpractice, Real Estate, Trusts and Estates


  • *Mediation, arbitration and alternative dispute resolution practice with emphasis on adult family health and financial planning, real estate transactions, partnership dissolution, employment-related claims, professional malpractice and contract negotiation.
  • *California Appellate Court Mediation training, 3rd District Court of Appeals in negotiation and conflict resolution techniques in post-trial civil actions.
  • *Fourteen years of service as settlement conference judge pro tem in the Superior Courts of Sacramento, El Dorado and Solano County.
  • *California Bar Association, member no. 165326



  • *Successfully conducted and/or participated in mediated resolution of 100+ adult family, employment, contract performance, personal injury and real estate matters.
  • *Appellate Mediation Program, Mediator Training, 3rd District Court of Appeals for the State of California, May, 2008 through May, 2009
  • *Mediator Certification: Institute for Conflict Management, Santa Monica, California, July 2006
  • *Mediator Certification: Elder Mediation workshop with Dana Curtis, Sausalito, California, February, 2011


  • *University of California, San Diego, Bachelor of Arts, Anthropology
  • *Lincoln Law School of Sacramento, Juris Doctor, 1992

Whether by lawsuit and trial, a decision by a hired judge or arbitrator, or a mediated agreement, resolution of any dispute requires desire – the parties must want their disagreement to end.

When a dispute is looming or has actually arisen, the first question you must answer is, “Do I want this fight to continue?” Sometimes, frankly, the answer is “Yes.” That response is valid, especially when we believe that our fundamental values and principles are at stake in the matter.

But, if the threshold answer is “No,” then the next questions – including “How can this end?,” “How soon?” and “How much will it cost me?” – are ready to be answered.

In mediation, my focus is on sustaining relationships, engendering trust and arriving at agreement. I bring to this effort my professional legal background, including creation of compelling court pleadings and motions and diligent trial preparation. As an arbitrator, I am supported by over two decades of accumulated knowledge of the rules of evidence and black letter law principles in personal injury, family dispute matters, real estate transactions, professional performance (malpractice) disputes, construction defect, premises liability and contract negotiations, including real estate transaction litigation.

I look forward to an opportunity to employ my knowledge, training and experience to assist you when the answer to the very first question is a desire for peace.


2120 Shielah Way

Sacramento, CA 95822

P: 916-799-4675

E: [email protected]