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We believe that by giving our clients exceptional service we are not only providing an incalculable advantage, but also promoting the public's safety, health, and security. We believe in upholding the highest standards of integrity, ethics and professionalism. Our endeavor is to provide aggressive, high-quality and thorough representation to each of our clients. Our clients can expect our commitment to providing personal attention with dignity, courtesy, and respect.

Our firm founder Charles W. Chesbro (Chuck) Chesbro received his Juris Doctor from Georgia State University, graduating cum laude in 1987. He holds a Business Degree from the University of Texas at El Paso, cum laude, graduating in 1982.

Mr. Chesbro has served as a Judge in the Magistrate Court of Cobb County since his appointment to the bench in 1990, hearing criminal and civil cases, issuing arrest warrants and search warrants and handling a variety of issues that are assigned in the Magistrate Court. Judge Chesbro served as the Legal Research Committee Chair for the Georgia Magistrate Court Council from 1994-2002, updating Magistrates statewide on new developments in the law. He has also taught courses as a faculty member of the Institute for Continuing Judicial Education, teaching other Judges statewide, including such topics as Evidence, Small Claims, Contracts, Trial, Personal Injury, Ethics, and the General Recertification Course. In addition, he has taught Civil Small Claims and Bad Check seminars through the Cobb Magistrate Court and the Chamber of Commerce.

Mr. Chesbro is an Adjunct Professor at Kennesaw State University, now the third largest university in Georgia. He is presently teaching Government and Legal Research, and has taught Negotiation and coached the Kennesaw State Mock Trial team.

Mr. Chesbro is admitted to practice in Georgia, Colorado, and the District of Columbia. He is admitted to practice in all courts in Georgia, including trial, appeals, State and Federal courts.

Mr. Chesbro is a registered neutral with the State of Georgia, as a mediator in both domestic and civil cases, and as a case evaluator. He has handled mediations in the court systems since 1992, and case evaluations since 1995, with experience in hundreds of cases over the years.

What is Mediation:

Mediation is an informal process where the parties discuss their disputes in the presence of an impartial person (the "mediator", or "neutral"), who assists them in resolving the matter. Mediation is completely voluntary and any agreement reached needs to be acceptable and agreed upon by the parties to the mediation.
Mediation offers the advantage of informality, with reduced time and expense needed to resolve disputes, as well as minimizing disruption of your work and personal time. All discussions are held in the strictest confidence, and no records or notes are maintained by the Alternative Dispute Resolution Office. A copy of any resulting agreement will be signed by the parties, and the resulting settlement submitted to the Court, if in suit, or as an agreement by the parties, when resolution is achieved. Notes taken by the neutral or the parties to mediation are not available in the event that the parties do not reach a resolution.  Offers of settlement and compromise are not admissible in any later court proceedings.
Often, it is helpful to share information with the other party in order to facilitate resolution of a matter. However, this will NOT be done without the party’s express permission to do so. Mediations are usually conducted in neutral locations, such as in special rooms at the Courthouse, in our offices, or in convenient facilities specializing in hosting mediations.

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