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Enabling Families, Businesses and Individuals to Pursue Collaborative Resolutions

Your experienced guide through the turbulent waters of legal disputes and interpersonal conflicts

Litigation costs and endless procedural practice are often the less-than-desirable consequences of legal disputes. The good news is that in most cases, these situations can be averted through skilled counsel and professional assistance. Osborn Conflict Resolution assists parties as both an advocate and a neutral third party in mediation and arbitration proceedings. Our lawyers are among the first group of North Carolina litigation attorneys trained in the practice of collaborative law for non-domestic civil disputes. Under the collaborative law model, the parties and their attorneys work together in pursuit of a mutually agreeable outcome–before the “litigation meter” starts running. Whether a legal disagreement stems from a business matter, a family disagreement, or any other kind of interpersonal conflict, we have the knowledge and experience to guide parties toward a resolution in which everyone gains a measure of success by avoiding the inevitable stress and expense of litigation.

Assisting families, businesses ,and individuals to resolve conflict with less expense, stress, and delay

Whether seeking help with mediation or advocacy, individuals, businesses and peers know they can count on Osborn Conflict Resolution for exemplary service in the form of:

  • Creative pursuit of  “win-win” resolutions — With our combined decades of litigation experience, we know the true costs of going to court. By looking at the broader perspective, we can help you consider whether using mediation or collaborative law might be your most cost-effective choice.
  • Experienced guidance through the Mediation and Negotiation process — Chris Osborn’s experience as a longtime ligation attorney, former federal law clerk, and law professor has equipped him to understand and guide clients though most any kind of business or commercial dispute.  In addition to understanding the law, our attorneys have the practical knowledge to equip disputing parties to pursue practical strategies for resolution, and to empower and equip clients to negotiate more effectively towards an amicable, but fair resolution.
  • Collaborative law for civil disputes:  Even bitter adversaries and spouses who have lost faith and trust in one another can benefit from using the collaborative law process to resolve disputes. Wherever possible, we are passionate about helping people work together to focus on their futures, share information, and reach agreement outside of court.

Once people understand the advantages of resolving disputes outside of a courtroom, they often return to Osborn Conflict Resolution to pursue a better way of navigating legal disagreements.

Working to end legal conflicts with less stress, more creativity, and greater efficiency

Although there are of course some matters that need to be adjudicated through litigation, but why not explore whether your particular situation might be appropriate for a collaborative approach?

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Admission Details

  • Admitted in 1995, North Carolina

Law School Attended

  • University of Virginia, Class of 1995, J.D.

University Attended

  • University of North Carolina, Class of 1992, B.A. with highest distinction in English Literature and Political Science
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