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The Mediation Center

Dan Warner is one of only 3 Family Mediators in the state of Florida (and 110 nationally) approved by the national ACADEMY OF FAMILY MEDIATORS as a Certified Consultant for other mediators to confer with in difficult cases.

Dan is one of only 15 Family Mediators in the state of Florida (and 740 nationally) approved by the ACADEMY OF FAMILY MEDIATORS as a Practitioner Member (the highest level, based on training and experience).

Dan is one of only 85 Florida Supreme Court Certified Family Mediators awarded Diplomate membership status in the 1,000 member Florida Academy of Professional Mediators.

Dan served for five years as a Director of the oldest mediation organization in Florida, The Florida Association of Professional Family mediators, and eleven years on the Board and two years as the President of the largest organization of mediators in the state, The Florida Academy of Professional Mediators.

Dan has been on the faculty of The Florida Coastal School of Law as Adjunct Professor of Law teaching mediation since 1998, and he has served twice as the Chair of the Jacksonville Bar Associations Mediation Committee. He is a graduate of Stanford University and Cornell University Law School.

Dan has over 30 years of legal experience and has conducted more than 2,500 successful divorce mediations. He was a JAG officer in the military and has completed hundreds of military divorces as a mediator in Jacksonville.

Divorces are often turbulent and very stressful. Dan Warner of The Mediation Center can offer a fast, fair and friendly alternative – divorce mediation. He provides mediation services to help resolve marital issues, relationship problems, custody disputes, extended family disputes and much more.

Additionally, by choosing mediation you will save money since the mediator is neutral. He will listen to both sides and offer input letting you and your spouse make your own decisions. This creates substantial savings over hiring lawyers, one for each party and paying filing fees and possible court costs to go before a judge. The total cost for Dan’s services are usually between $700 and $1800 per couple – not including the required court filing fee.

The Mediation Center

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