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Hello and thank you for checking out my profile.

My name is Dan Stauffer.  I am the owner of Alternative Resolutions & Law, PLLC, one of a very few firms in Michigan dedicated to helping couples, individuals, and legal entities (companies) resolve their divorce or other conflict.  I have never been a judge and I do my very best not to appear in court as a litigator.  Both of which are good things for you if you wish guide your course of your resolution and have a say in the matter.

In Michigan, Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) provides powerful tools (Negotiation, Mediation, Arbitration, etc.) for parties to use to resolve their conflict. Mediation is appropriate at any stage when the parties are willing to work towards resolution. Most people do not realize they have the power to resolve their non-criminal disputes without litigation and with or without attorneys.  Please reach out to me for a more complete picture of how this works.  Studies have shown that more often than not, mediation is a very useful tool to speed resolution, and offers many advantages such as:

  • •Intelligent people can resolve their differences in a respectful and dignified manner,
  • •A way to preserve existing relationships and sometimes improve upon them,
  • •Giving parties a “real voice” in the process of creating an agreement,
  • •Perhaps settling the issue in a timely manner in order for the parties to move on with their lives
  • •Usually less expense as mediation fees are split between the parties,
  • •Keeping your private matters private - the process is conducted in strict confidentiality,
  • •Any resulting agreement will truly be yours as mediators act as “neutral facilitators” to guide the participants toward THEIR OWN AGREEMENT - mediators will not advocate for any particular outcome, and
  • •An agreement reached in mediation is a legally binding contract which has proven to be enforceable in a Michigan Court of Law, 
  • •In Michigan, most Family Law Courts will order a divorce to mediation at some point. Why not do it sooner and minimize cost, better control the outcome, and maintain confidentiality?

If you are unfamiliar with the power of mediation and what it can do for you, you can call me. You can also find information about mediation online. Please be aware that:

  • •Michigan law may be different than that of other states when it comes to mediation,
  • •Court rules and ADR plans may vary slightly by court,
  • •the Michigan State Capitol court Administrator’s Office (SCAO) site at Michigan.gov is an excellent source for information,
  • •I prefer to practice as a “ Facilitative Mediator” as approved by SCAO and am also comfortable with other approaches to mediation (Shuttle Diplomacy, Evaluative, etc.)
  • •My approach to helping resolve your conflict may involve mediation.  I may also help by acting as your negotiator (a subject I have been teaching to law students for many years).  In your Divorce, I may also represent you as your Collaborative Divorce Attorney. I believe the vast majority of people deserve the opportunity to create an agreement that is in their interests (beneficial to their family), in a timely manner, and at a reasonable cost. You see, you have several options for reaching resolution, and I am ready willing and able to assist you in doing so.


Formal Education

Juris Doctor                                           THOMAS M. COOLEY LAW SCHOOL, Lansing & Grand Rapids, MI

Master of Management                         AQUINAS COLLEGE, Grand Rapids, MI

Bachelor of Science in Mathematics    GRAND VALLEY STATE COLLEGE, Allendale, MI

MEDIATION TRAINING - State Court Administrative Office approved

General /Civil Mediation Training 2010

Domestic Relations Mediation Training (Divorce) 2012

Domestic Violence Screening Protocol Training 2012 & 2017

Adult Guardianship / Elder Law Mediation Training 2016

Child Protection Mediation Training – 2016

Special Education Mediation Training


Collaborative Divorce Attorney / Mediator Training 2015


35 Years of experience in computer and business with several major West Michigan companies

8 Years nonprofit executive experience

7 Years Adjunct Professor of Law at Thomas M. Cooley Law School

2 Years Adjunct Professor – Grand Valley State University - College of Education

  • Negotiation Skills
  • Interviewing and Counseling
  • Coaching for Mediation training classes (Civil and Domestic Relations)
  • Coach of Cooley’s National Competitive Negotiation Team

2 Years Adjunct Professor at Grand Valley State University – Student Administrators and the Law.


Admitted to practice law in the courts if the Great State of Michigan

Member of the State Bar of Michigan

Member of the Grand Rapids Bar Association

I am on the Court Approved Mediator List in every county from Lansing to the shores of Lake Michigan.

I mediate in the Mediation Centers in Grand Rapids, Holland, Lansing, and St. Joseph.

I regularly coach for SCAO approved mediator training courses

Eagle Scout


I was born and have lived in West Michigan for the majority of my life.  I am most proud of my three children and my grandchildren.  I thoroughly enjoy my work and balance it with my love of family, outdoors activities, reading, and gardening.



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