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Attorney Deborah Cook has a lifetime of experience helping families. Deborah Cook is a skilled listener, creative problem solver and competent legal counselor. “I am a proponent for my clients to make their life decisions based on the realities that they face, personally and legally,” says Deborah. Open communication, honest negotiation and knowledge in the law are the ingredients necessary to resolve family matters before going to court. The state of Florida has been a national leader in the concept of mediation and dispute resolution. Deborah Cook embraced mediation from the beginnings of Florida adopting principles of Dispute Resolution.

Helping people to find their common ground and practice self determination has always been her passion. Deborah Cook is Florida Supreme Court Certified as a Family Mediator since 1990, and is Florida Supreme Court certified as a Circuit Civil and Foreclosure Mediator as well. If the court system is the most effective way to resolve an ongoing dispute, Deborah Cook is a zealous advocate for her client. “It is important to me that my client has a voice in the outcome of their family dispute. I take extra care to prepare my client to be an active participant.”

Deborah Cook has a deep respect for the practice of law. She is a member of the Florida Bar Association, Orange County Bar Association, Central Florida Association of Women Lawyers, Collaborative Family Law Group of Central Florida and Central Florida Family Law American Inn of Court. Deborah is particularly proud of the pro bono work she contributes to the Legal Aid Society in marital disputes and guardian ad litem programs offered by the Orange County Bar Association. Deborah Cook received her JD degree after 27 years as a Marriage and Family Counselor. She earned her Master’s Degree in Social Work and Counseling, practicing as a family therapist, adoption counselor and administrator in several faith based counselling centers. She plays an active role in her church and community including the Christian Service Center and Boy Scouts of America. She lives in the center of Orlando with her husband Tom, and has three grown children

Providing Mediation Attorney Services in Orlando, Florida

Deborah has been passionate about meditation since she received her first license as a family mediator in 1989. She is Florida Supreme Court certified in family, civil circuit and foreclosure mediation. She has highly developed listening and problem solving skills. As a counselor and an attorney-at-law, Deborah knows what it means to be a third party neutral. If you’re in need of mediation services, Deborah A. Cook, P.A. is ready to help. Deborah works to bring opposing sides to agreement through mediation. As a mediator in legal disputes, her goal is to facilitate mutually agreeable settlements through structured, time-tested techniques.

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Deborah A. Cook, P.A. works hard to help both sides develop a thorough and shared understanding of the dispute, and then guide them through the process of defining a practical, fair and lasting resolution. Mediation is private and confidential, and Deborah will take the time to work through your dispute rather than push you toward an outcome with which you aren’t comfortable.

You deserve prompt, professional mediation services from someone you can trust. Give us a call today at 407-255-2151 or send us an email to learn more about Deborah A. Cook, P.A.’s mediation services.

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