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Attorney Deborah B. Josephson- "Facilitating resolution for families in conflict."

Attorney Deborah Josephson is an experienced and dynamic advocate who has more than 26 years of experience resolving family law matters. If you are using traditional court litigation, Ms. Josephson will aggressively navigate your case through the Court system to help you get the best possible result. If you are using collaborative law to resolve your family law matter, Ms. Josephson will work diligently to assist you as you and the other party progress through the process to reach the resolution sought.

Deborah Josephson's career highlights include over 26 years of experience in family law. She has taught in the family law paralegal program at Highline Community College, taught CLEs, and has been a speaker on issues of domestic violence.

Ms. Josephson is a zealous advocate. For example, a new client hired Ms. Josephson after having numerous difficulties with her previous attorney. The client had agreed to a divorce settlement which she didn't understand and which didn't meet her needs or goals. The previous attorney hadn't explained the law, the legal system, or the likely outcome to the client, nor had the previous attorney spent time talking with the client to understand and determine the client’s needs or goals. Ms. Josephson talked to her client, listened to her, and learned her needs, goals and interests. Ms. Josephson took that information from her client and then successfully renegotiated a settlement toher client's benefit. The client received all property payments up front rather than over time. The renegotiated settlement secured the client's future and made it possible for her to go on with her new life in the way that she wanted.

Ms. Josephson began her law practice in 1992. Although originally drawn to constitutional law, she changed her career direction in her last year of law school after working for a family law attorney in Seattle. It was then that she realized that family law was exactly where she should practice. Her life experiences made her well-equipped to deal with the issues which make up family law.

Ms. Josephson is a trained collaborative law attorney and recommends the use of collaborative law whenever possible. In collaborative law, the parties resolve their issues with the assistance of their collaborative attorneys and other collaborative professionals--in other words, the clients control the outcome of their case rather than a judge. “The traditional litigation method remembers that you don't love each other anymore, while the collaborative method remembers that you once loved each other and want the best for each other.” The parties still get divorced, but Ms. Josephson finds that the children recover faster when the parents work together in a climate of mutual respect.

Ms. Josephson is an experienced and certified mediator.  After practicing primarily in the family law for over 27 years, she began volunteering as a Pierce County Superior Court settlement conference judge and mediator in 2012.  She has conducted numerous settlement conferences as a settlement conference pro tem judge/mediator and completed multiple trainings and courses in mediation techniques and skills.  She is a certified mediator having been certified by the Washington Mediation Association.  She privately conducts Mediated Settlement Conferences and conventional Mediations where the parties are represented by attorneys and when they are representing themselves.

 As an experienced family law attorney and certified mediator, Ms. Josephson can and will custom-assist resolving the case to avoid trial.  Ms. Josephson believes that preparation is key to resolution and she will review the court file, review the settlement conference documents provided, know the background facts and issues and be prepared for your mediation whether involving the parenting plan, finances, property, or other matters.

Ms. Josephson is an assertive advocate in and out of the courtroom. She uses her legal skill and understanding of people to pursue her clients' goals and objectives. In one memorable case, Ms. Josephson recalls listening to a husband describe problems with his wife. After the husband finished talking, Ms. Josephson asked, “Was your wife sexually abused as a child? Everything you describe is consistent with survivors of sexual abuse.” The client was stunned by Ms. Josephson's perceptiveness. The husband had been with his wife for more than 15 years, but had only just learned about his wife's traumatic childhood--and he had never mentioned it to Ms. Josephson. Because of Ms. Josephson, the husband gained a new understanding of his wife and the couple reconciled. 
In another case, one parent manipulated and bullied the other parent into giving up primary custody for almost three years. Ms. Josephson fought hard, presented the facts to the Court, and got custody returned to the parent who had always been the child's primary caregiver.

She is a member of the Tacoma-Pierce County Bar Association (TPCBA), Collaborative Law Professionals of Washington (CPW), Collaborative Law Professionals of Pierce County (CLPPC), the International Academy of Collaborative Professionals (IACP), and Washington Mediation Association (WMA).

At Josephson & Associates our focus is and always has been serving our clients during one of their most difficult and challenging times. Since 1992, we have served hundreds of clients as they work their way through Family Law issues and other legal matters. We have represented clients in uncontested "simple" divorces and complex litigation involving multimillion dollar assets and business holdings.

Our clients have ranged from single parents and homemakers to professionals and multi-million dollar entrepreneurs. While each client is unique, there are similarites shared by virtue of the human experience and the emotions experienced during the life of a family law case. We understand. We understand that there is more to a divorce and custody dispute than just what the law dictates or the judge orders. We understand our role as a professional as we counsel you through the progress of your case and your transition to your new life.

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