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A lean compromise is better than a fat lawsuit
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Aviation, Civil, Commercial, Condominium, Construction, Contract, Education, Employment, HOA, Labor, Landlord/Tenant, Rail Transportation, Wrongful Termination

Diversified Consulting's mission is to provide assistance to individuals, organizations and small businesses in resolving conflict at work and home and in the design and implementation of virtually any form of dispute resolution and/or training which suits the organization's needs.

Settlements reached through negotiations, mediation, or arbitration promise faster results than do traditional legal, managerial, or bureaucratic processes and at a fraction of the cost.

ADR systems design and review may include (1. auditing how issues and problems are currently resolved, (2. assessing what existing options are available for improvement, and (3. determining how a new program can be implemented, maintained and evaluated.

The success of any dispute resolutions program is dependent upon designing a process which reflects the unique needs of the business, organization and its employees.

We offer the comprehensive services in the design and application of an appropriate ADR system and HR training for your business. You'll get personal professional assistance in the resolution of any dispute, in either consultation, coaching or representation where litigation may not be necessary.

Additionally, Diversified provides HR training on workplace topics that include the following:

Coaching, Conflict resolution, Managing Change, Continuous Improvement, Customer Service, Time management, Stress management, Diversity, Preventing Sexual Harassment, Leadership, Workplace Violence, How Arbitration works, How Mediation works, Employee Handbooks, Communication Tips, Listening Tips, Working with Unions, What every business owner should know about ADR and more.

In addition to utilizing ready-to-use training programs, Diversified specializes in developing customized programs specific to a client's own unique goals and objectives.

Thank you for visiting this website, we want to give you the opportunity to stay in touch with our dispute resolution business.

At this site you're presented with a taste of what Diversified offers in the area of human resources and Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR), management and settlement assistance. 

In an effort to encourage the continued use of ADR, we offer you information regarding HR consultation, HR topical Training, and descriptions of various ADR techniques. The primary emphasis of our business is HR Training and A.D.R. services, providing individuals and organizations with the assistance they need to managing the inevitable conflict that arises within the workplace or home short of litigation.

These topics are of interest to both businesses and individuals because the concepts of leadership, motivation, and productivity contribute to building up people and positively impacts the climate of the business.

is unique in that we give our clients our individual attention. We'll work in partnership with you in finding creative solutions to conflict and disputes. We listen to your needs and work with you to create a plan for your particular concerns. Our clients wishes become our commands. So whether our clients want training or workplace mediation services, we can help.

In brief, Don Lloyd, is a certified Mediator and Arbitrator with over twenty-five years of experience in ADR, trained by some of the leading institutes including AAA, FMCS, ABA, NEA, BBB, ACR, Cornell, Fordham and John Jay Universities and other creditable organizations. He has mediated and arbitrated at the Local, County, State and Federal government levels in the following industries Education, Labor, Commercial, Construction, Employment, Air Traffic Control and in both the public and private sectors. Don is a member of the following neutral panels; National Mediation Board, NYS Employment Relations Board, Council of the BBB in NY and NC, NY Human Rights Commission, Federal Aviation Administration and others. He is also a Board of Director member to the Piedmont Mediation Center, INC. in Stateville, NC.

Diversified Consulting established in 1999, has been responsible for providing superior ADR services, management, leadership and solutions training programs. 

Our customers have valued the leadership, communications and conflict management training we've provided to them. Conflict management, is proof that finding workable solutions is a skill that can be developed by an individual or within an organization. Everyone has problems, but what one may not know, is that most dilemmas can be resolved, and that resolving conflict is a learnable skill

We can be reached first through this website or by e-mail at [email protected] or by telephoning us at 914-522-5048

To arrange for your one (1/2) hour complimentary consultation to assess your training needs or assistance in the management of a dispute contact Diversified Consulting.

A lean compromise is better than a fat lawsuit, and where talking things out is better than fighting it out.