Dr. Ron Tarlton

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Business, Education, Employment, Family, Personal Injury, Probate

Dr. Ron E. Tarlton continues to guide the accounting firm he founded thirty years ago in Marietta, Georgia.  In addition, Dr. Tarlton is registered as a third party neutral in Georgia.  He combines current professional accounting experiences in the private sector with experience in academia gained by teaching and mentoring graduate and undergraduate business students in local universities.  His current area of academic research is the analysis of the personality and behavior of accountants in large auditing firms.  He has presented the results of his findings at several conferences using data obtained from three large CPA firms.

Dr. Tarlton has extensive experience in corporate mergers and acquisitions utilizing Employee Stock Ownership Plans (ESOPs) through his association with Menke & Associates, Inc., the leading ESOP consulting firm in the country.  His special area of expertise was in the analysis and appraisal of closely-held stock for estate tax planning and ESOPs. 

1744 Roswell Road


Suite 230


Marietta, Ga 30062


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