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Business, Education, Employment, Insurance, Securities, Workplace

Hello. I'm Ed Krauss, and I look forward to hearing from you. My mediation experience covers more than twenty-one years, working with and mediating for private citizens, courts, school districts, cities and other government units, during which time I provided well over two thousand hours of service.

I specialize in two fields, financial and employment/personnel. I mediate financial matters for the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA), the Delaware Court of Common Pleas, the Delaware Municipal Court, the Franklin County Auditor, and other entities. Matters mediated include investments, property evaluation, landlord/tenant, real estate broker/agent, real estate agent/client, land use, historical preservation, commercial and economic development, foreclosures, credit issues, loan agreements.

Another area of specialization is personnel disputes, including lack of promotion, age, sex, and race discrimination, grievances and disciplinary actions. I can help employers and employees avoid litigation by acting as a neutral third party to help both sides find a mutually acceptable resolution.

I continue to build my skills by taking training, already over two hundred hours, and I have been lead or support trainer in providing hundreds of hours of training. Organizations served as an employment/personnel mediator include United States Postal Service (almost two hundred cases), Ohio Department of Job and Family Services, Bureau of Workers Compensation, Department of Rehabilitation and Correction, several counties and communities.

I am a facilitative mediator. I don't try to steer the conversation or process in any direction, nor do I offer opinions on who might be right or what the best choices might be. Rather, I facilitate a mutual search for the best available answer that both sides can agree on. I am the optimist in the room. I know that the mediation process can work for the parties in a dispute if they give it a chance, even if they do so reluctantly.

I take the role of a mediator very seriously. I am honored that people will allow me to offer them a structure, a process, for resolving a dispute that may be quite emotional, may involve significant financial and personal consequences. I defend that process by being neutral, unbiased, and facilitative




Practice Areas 

Business/Commercial, Construction, Consumer/Supplier, Divorce, Environmental, Family Business, Foreclosure, Healthcare, Interpersonal, Juvenile, Labor, Land Use, Neighborhood/Community, Organizational, Public Policy, Public Sector, Workplace

Title Mediator
First Name Edward
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