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Many people only need a criminal attorney in San Diego, CA once in a lifetime. If this is that time in your life, make sure the defense attorney you retain has the experience, skills, and reputation that will make the difference for you. San Diego criminal defense attorney Elliott Kanter handles both criminal defense and personal injury cases in state and federal courts throughout southern California. Mr. Kanter is also credentialed to argue cases before the United States Supreme Court. With three decades of legal experience, he has established a reputation for resourcefulness and tenacity as well as an impressive record of success on behalf of his clients across southern California.

Mr. Kanter earned his J.D. from the Thomas Jefferson School of Law right here in San Diego. For more than thirty years, he has defended clients charged with misdemeanors and felonies ranging from minor traffic violations to the most violent kinds of crimes. If you are charged with a crime, the sooner you call the Law Offices of Elliott N. Kanter, the sooner he can begin compiling evidence, questioning witnesses, and crafting a defense on your behalf. If you are charged with any felony or misdemeanor in the greater San Diego area, make the call as quickly as you can.

Criminal Defense Lawyer Serving San Diego for More than 30 Years

If you’ve never needed a criminal defense attorney before today, attorney Elliott Kanter can help you. With more than thirty years of experience defending the accused, his philosophy is a simple one. Elliott Kanter takes the time to understand every client’s situation and to represent fully and diligently every client’s best interests. The fact is that most criminal cases are decided – before a trial can even take place – through your defense attorney’s negotiations with the prosecutor. Elliott Kanter is dedicated to working for your best interests when you face criminal charges in the state of California. If that means going to court, he’s ready to do that. With three decades of experience and a focus on San Diego criminal defense, attorney Elliott Kanter has built a reputation for legal excellence and an impressive record of success on behalf of his clients.

One of The Most Experienced, Tested and Proven Attorneys in Southern California

Some of Elliott Kanter’s practice areas include DUI, domestic violence, theft, sex crimes, drug crimes, and white collar crimes. If you are facing charges in San Diego County, call the Law Offices of Elliott Kanter. Unlike many attorneys, Mr. Kanter can give you legal advice and handle every aspect of your case including defending your rights after you have been arrested and negotiating with prosecutors. Contact our law firm as soon as possible after an arrest to begin work on your case

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