Gene L. Shire

Personalized Dispute Resoution

Denton, Texas 76201


Child Custody, Corporate, Divorce, Domestic Relations, Labor, Mediation Training, Negligence, Rail Transportation, Sexual Harassment, Stepfamily, Transportation

Our President and Senior Mediator

  • Graduate and post-graduate degrees earned at Texas Christian University
  • Graduate Certificate in Conflict Resolution and Reconciliation earned at Abilene Christian University
  • Over 500 advanced and specialized training hours addressing alternative dispute resolution.  (Texas requires only 40 hours to qualify for Court Appointed Mediation)
  • Over 20 years of experience with the various approaches to dispute resolution – negotiation, mediation, arbitration, settlement conference and settlement conference agreement drafting.  
  • Certified Arbitrator by the National Mediation Board

Why Use Personalized Dispute Resolution (PDR)?

  • Our approach is much quicker and less expensive than resolution through the judicial system
  • We encourage a non-adversarial approach to resolution while taking into consideration the interests, needs and desires of all involved parties
  • Utilizing a modified form of mediation, we assist you in creating a settlement that is personalized to your unique circumstances
  • We are not lawyers, judges, or arbitrators
  • We are peacemakers – trained dispute resolution professionals
  • Under the judicial system the imposed resolution is usually “win-lose” or “lose-lose,” and almost always there will be dissatisfaction on the part of one, or both, or all of the parties
  • A resolution facilitated by a Peacemaker will be “win-win” or at least “acceptable-acceptable” in nature
  • We believe that any dispute can be settled by the parties themselves, and that this is the best kind of resolution
  • We are not paid by the hour, so there is no incentive to extend the time it takes to reach mutually acceptable resolution terms
 I am a member of the Texas Association of Mediators and the National Association of Certified Mediators.
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Fort Worth, TX 76148

P: 817-781-3221
E: [email protected]