Gregory S. Davis

Gregory S. Davis, MS

Conflict Resolution and Conciliation Services
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Business, Education, Elder, Employment, Family, Partnership Disputes


Mr. Davis has been mediating since 1986.  Prior to that he was involved in the enforcement of child support of the State of Tennessee in Knox and surrounding counties for eight years enforcing child support and helping to develop child support programs for the District Attorney Generals in surrounding counties.  He has been trained by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission to mediate Employment issues and has provided contract mediation services to that agency and served for two years as a mediator-trainer and part of the development and implementation team for the UT College of Law pilot project with the EEOC to determine the use of mediation EEOC disputes.  He has been trained by the Department of Justice to handle American with Disabilities Acts (ADA) disputes involving program access issues.


Trained by the Institute for Christian Conciliation in Conflict Coaching, Mediation, Arbitration and Personal Peacemaking.   Mr. Davis is one of a small number of mediators trained to handle Domestic Violence cases and was the first mediator to handle such a case inKnoxCounty. 


Mr. Davis has a Masters degree from theUniversity   of Tennesseein Counseling-Psychology with a secondary concentration in Higher Education Administration.  He has over 1000 hours of post-graduate training in the areas of conflict resolution and communications and program design.

He has served as a trainer and mentor for the Knoxville Bar Association Mediation Service, The communitymediationCentersfor Knox and Blount counties and the UT College of Law Mediation Clinic since 1992 and served as president of the Knoxville Area Mediation Association and on the membership/training committee for the TN Mediation Association.


Mr. Davis serves as a consultant for management issues, staff development, and conflict resolution systems design.  Mr. Davis has also mediated in the areas of construction disputes, land usage, estate settlements, consumer issues, malpractice disputes, partnership development and dissolution, organizational process issues, co-worker disputes, and all areas related to family issues.


He is an Advanced Practitioner and Approved Consultant for the Association for Conflict Resolution, Family Section and a founding member of the International Academy of Mediators since 1986.

He served as one of the primary mediators in a pilot project for the EEOC through the University of Tennessee College of Law Mediation Center to determine if mediation would provide a successful alternative for EEOC cases. 

Why Conflict Resolution & Conciliation Services?


•   30+ Years Experience in Conflict Coaching and Conflict Resolution


•   Application in Several Different Arenas


•   Address Long-Term Effects of Conflicts


•   Resolve Conflicts


•   Repair Dysfunctional Relationships


•   Address Sustainability Issues


Conflict Resolution and Conciliation Services began in 1986 as a response to the conflict arising for couples of divorce and the courts’ enforcement of child support and a desire to lessen the damage of divorce on parents and children. Over the years, Gregory S. Davis has expanded the focus of his practice to include counseling and mediation work in different areas where relationships are a concern. Conflict Resolution and Conciliation Services’ focus is moving toward agreement for all parties involved and to craft an evenhanded, productive solution.   


We transform lives and relationships through the reconciliation of conflict and assisting individuals to repair, restore, and renew the damages done to relationships by unresolved conflict.

Gregory S. Davis, MS

TN Rule 31 Mediator General / Civil/ Family


4645 Newcom   Ave.


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Providing Mediation Services Since 1986


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