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Jeannette Lofas, Ph.D., LCSW America’s pioneering  authority on divorce, remarriage and children Counselor,  Lecturer and Spokesperson President and  Founder of the Stepfamily Foundation, Inc. Certified  Divorce & Co-Parenting Mediator

In 1995, received the first  National Parent's Day Award from President Clinton for "Your efforts in  strengthening step relationships in families across America, and thus contribute to  effective parenting."


“My name is Jeannette Lofas and I’ve been there!”

I’ve started out as an on-air reporter in  broadcast news. I traveled the world covering presidents, problems and the  arts. After 13 years of working for all three networks: ABC, NBC and CBS, I’ve  decided to follow my mentor to Oklahoma    City and work for CBS News.

My mentor and news director gave me full authority to report  on a wide variety of topics: the governor, politics, war protestors, drugs, and  all manner of celebrities. I also did three film reviews weekly and interviewed  stars and directors. I was so happy I never took time off. I worked morning,  noon and night. After 10 months of no sleep and hard work (that I loved) I got  sick!

There was this man in my life who I previously worked for in  the film business who kept visiting me in Oklahoma.  He always said, “come leave this all. Marry me  and move to Aspen.” At first I gave no thought to his constant phone calls and  visits.

After a few more bouts with exhaustion and overwork, I said  yes, moved to Aspen, Colorado and married. Bob was the father of  four girls, eight to sixteen. I was the mother of one ten year old son. Those  girls adored me when I was dating their father. After our marriage they  wouldn’t talk to me and nor look at me. They only talked with their father, and  they ignored my 10 year old son. I found myself lost in conflict. I was amazed  my husband sided with his four girls instead of me. We started arguing.

I called Ruth Roosevelt, who was also in a step situation  and asked her to come to Aspen  for Christmas. The result was we decided write a book. Basically, that’s how Living  In Step was born. Living In Step was the first book ever to describe  stepfamily life from each member’s point of view. I decided later on that a  book was not enough. As a result, I called friends at Javitz & Javitz, a  famous law firm in the State of New York. They incorporated The Stepfamily Foundation in  the State of New York  as a not for profit educational institution.
I was featured on the Oprah Winfrey  Show, Larry King Live, The New York Times, designated “women of  the year” by the Ladies Home Journal.  I was the keynote speaker at events around the world. In 1995, President Bill  Clinton awarded me with Presidential Award for “outstanding efforts to strengthen step relationships across America  and thus contribute to effective parenting”.

Family Mediation:

Certified Family  Mediator child custody, and pre-nuptial agreements. Member of The American  Association for Family Conciliation and Courts, the Center for Family and  Divorce Mediation. Centers are in New York City  and in Eastern Long Island.                   

Professional History: Stepfamily Foundation, Inc., - Founder and  President, 1975-Present;

CBS, NBC, ABC  TV –Reporter & Film Critic

Ivan  Tors Films - Producer;

Whitney  Museum NYC- New American Film Series Co Founder;

Radio Free Europe - On Air Reporter, US, Europe, Tokyo.  Lofas is a recognized media personality and  public speaker.  She has appeared on: 

The Today Show
, Good Morning America,  CBS This Morning, Oprah Winfrey, Larry King, and featured in: The New York Times, Vogue, and New York Magazine. Lofas  hosts a weekly cable television show, "Family Matters."

Publications: Living In Step, with Ruth  Roosevelt, McGraw-Hill, 1976; How to  Be a Stepparent, Nightingale Connant Audio Book, 1986; He's OK, She's OK: Honoring the DifferencesBetween Men & Women, Tzedakah, 1995; Family Rules, Kensington Books 1998. Stepparenting 3rd  Edition May 2004, Citadel Books  the largest selling book of its kind.

Awards and Speeches
Keynote Speaker  for U.S. Family Service Centers, Naval Academy, Annapolis, MD; Speaker at White  House Conference On the Family; Keynote Speech "The State of the Family”  given in Heidelberg, Germany for the U.S. Armed Forces in Europe; Speaker at  Family Court Judges Association; "The New Family: Step Relationships"  Chautauqua Institution; "Women, Remarriage and Money" Financial  Women’s Association; Keynote Speaker at the Women's Federation of World Peace;  "The 21st Century Family"   NY  Employee Assistance  Association; Smart Marriage Conference Presenter, Two Day  Seminar Buenos Aires, Fundacion XXI; All  Souls Church Lecture Series; Guest Professor at Long Island University  "Counseling the Changing American Family;"  "Woman of the Month" Good Housekeeping Magazine.         

Corporate  Consulting:
  Merrill Lynch,  Pfizer, International Business Machines, AT&T.

Ph. D.,  Westbrook University; Fordham University, M.S.W., L.C.S.W.; University of  Michigan, B.A; University of Geneva, Interpreter's School, French,  German and English; University of Vienna.

 Clinical Social  Work Association, New York State Society for Clinical Social Work Inc., Association  of Family and Conciliation Courts, New York State Dispute Resolution  Association, American Society of Clinical Hypnosis, Employee Assistance  Professionals Association New York City Chapter, New York Women’s Agenda,  National Association for Female Executives.

Programs Completed:
 Master  Practitioner of Erickson Clinical Hypnosis, Certified EMDR (Eye Movement  Desensitization Reprocessing),; Week long Seminar with John Gottman, Ph.D., and  Howard Markman, Ph.D.; Grief counseling for couples and individuals.

Fluent in German and French: ability to communicate in Spanish and  Swedish***
Jeannette  Lofas, PhD, LCSW is President and Founder of Stepfamily  Foundation, Inc. She hasbeen managing stepfamilies for thirty years. In 1995  Lofas won a presidential award for her work. Research reports that she has an  84% success rate. A stepchild and stepmother herself, she is considered to be  the leading authority on stepfamilies. Dr. Lofas has written five books: Living In Step, McGraw-Hill, Stepparenting, Citadel, How to Be a Stepparent, Nightingale Connant; He's  OK, She's OK: Honoring the  Differences Between Men & Women, and Family Rules, Kensington Books.

She has written 5 books, won a Presidential Award and coached for 30  years. Research shows 84% success. She is passionate about diminishing high divorce rate (2 out of 3) through her management system.

About  the Stepfamily Foundation, Inc
. headquartered in New  York, N.Y. A not for profit founded in 1975, the Stepfamily Foundation Inc. provides Worldwide Certification for professionals and coaches and  counseling on the telephone and in person.

The Promises of the Stepfamily  Foundation
 You and your partner:

  1. Will be able create powerful agreements to work  together and to manage your family.
  2. Will respect and honor your differences on issues such as discipline, rules,  responsibilities and expectations in your family.
  3. Will create a powerful stepfamily  team
  4. Will manage “the ex” without rancor  and upset.


How We Work: Our Methodology

"Today’s Family, in our culture, is the most unstable, most diverse,  most confounding…"

Jeannette Lofas Ph. D., LCSW, Founder of The Stepfamily Foundation

Our Research  tells us it’s the biggest unsolved problem. It is a  patchwork, a crazy quilt of confusing configurations…

We as counselors are trained in the basic precepts of psychology. We use only some of this. We teach our clients through educational materials and counseling about the specific behaviors and dynamics inherent to divorce and stepfamily systems. We educate our clients to the fact that the step system can not and will not function as does a biologically related family. We teach couples how to partner in the context of step.

We ask the couple to separately define their vision and their wishes as to just "how" they want their family to function. We coach couples to respect each other's point of view. Our model is positive and forward looking. It is based on the precepts of business management. We are mindful that we are merging two family systems. Two family systems with different ways of functioning, different ways of looking at the family, at the world, and at God.

We ask each partner to describe his/her point of view, and we honor both. We must merge these realities to create a functioning and orderly stepfamily system.

Using the business model we create an action plan, define job descriptions - roles, rules, responsibilities, and contributions of each member of the in-house family and the visiting children. We ask about the allocation of time, energy, and money from each person's point of view. We build couple strength, practice partnership and teach our special communication skills. We also work on issues of discipline, manners, visitation, the prior spouse, co-parenting and much more.

We work to create a positive action plan, accomplish a task and obtain a solution at each session.

Most clients complete their work in about 5 - 8 sessions, utilize about 10 hours listening to tapes and doing homework.

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Jeannette Lofas, Ph.D., LCSW    

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