Joelle A. Perez

Peacemaker Divorce Mediation

Melville, New York 11747


Alimony, Child Custody, Child Support Modification, Co-Parenting, Divorce, Divorce Modification and Enforcement, Family, Father's Rights, PreNuptials, Stepfamily

I am an attorney and divorce mediator who works with clients as a neutral third party to assist them in achieving a mutually agreed upon settlement of divorce.  As a mediator, my goal is to provide my clients with information and a supportive environment that fosters mutual respect and that ends with the best results for both of the parties and their children.

Having been through divorce mediation personally, I embrace the mediation process not only as a practitioner advocate, but also as a former client of mediation.  This experience has given me the unique ability to understand and appreciate first-hand how it feels to be on the other side of the mediation table and most importantly, to empathize with my clients’ situation.

After successfully completing the forty-hour divorce mediation program given by The Center for Mediation and Training, I started Peacemaker Divorce Mediation with a mission to assist my clients in navigating the divorce process in the least resistive and most cost effective way possible. 

I am currently a Board Member of the New York State Council on Divorce Mediation, a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting the highest professional standards of divorce mediation. To further advance my mediation skills, I continually attend meetings and participate in training seminars to keep up to date on the latest developments in law and mediation.  In addition to my divorce mediation practice, I practice as a civil litigation attorney for The Law Offices of David J. Sutton, P.C. located in Garden City, N.Y.

I graduated Hofstra University School of Law in 2000 at the top of my class where I was a member of the Hofstra Law Review.

A philanthropist at heart, I have dedicated much of my time to raising funds and awareness for autism as the executive director of a non-profit organization that raises funds to assist children with autism in obtaining treatments and therapies not otherwise covered by insurance.


Do you have questions about the divorce process?  
Do you wonder if hiring an attorney is the best course of action?  
Are you interested in exploring a more affordable alternative to litigation?  
Do you want to understand the differences between a divorce and a separation? 

Do you have concerns about the children and the marital home?

At Peacemaker Divorce Mediation we can provide you with answers to all of your questions. Peacemaker Divorce Mediation ( is a divorce mediation practice based on Long Island New York.  Our office is run by a divorce mediator and attorney specializing in divorce and family law who can assist couples with their divorce and explain the various issues involved in obtaining a NY divorce. 

At Peacemaker Divorce Mediation we handle everything for you: from negotiating and drafting the agreement to the filing of the divorce papers. And you will never have to step foot into a courtroom!

At Peacemaker Divorce Mediation we strive to help couples reach an agreement when it comes to dissolving their marriage in a congenial and easygoing manner without the typical headaches, confrontations and substantial fees that are often involved in divorce litigation.  We do this by gaining a full understanding of the couple's wants, needs and concerns and then proceed to help them reach an agreement that is acceptable and satisfactory to both parties and where the entire family benefits. 

Some of the many issues that will be discussed & resolved during Divorce Mediation include:

-Child custody / residential custody
-Child support 
-Parenting time
-Division of assets including the marital home, bank accounts, IRA's, 401K's, pensions, etc.
-Division of liabilities 
-Divorce vs. separation
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