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Civil Litigation, Civil Rights, Disability, Discrimination, Employment, Separation Agreements, Sexual Harassment, Workplace, Wrongful Dismissal, Wrongful Termination

Kathy F. Bernick became a mediator following a general litigation practice beginning in 1980, concentrating on employment law from 1990 to 2016.  Her practice included sexual harassment and discrimination, age discrimination, disability discrimination, pregnancy discrimination, race discrimination, retaliation, wrongful termination, breach of contract and whistleblowing.

Kathy F. Bernick is available to mediate all types of disputes related to employment law in the Minneapolis, St. Paul MN area.


Mediation is a form  of alternative dispute resolution that can avoid/prevent the uncertainty, expense and emotional drain of litigation. 

How the Mediation Process is initiated.

A hearing date can be booked by calling our office.

We Require the following information:

•Case name and venue

•Lawyers involved

•The parties’ agreement regarding division of the mediation fee,

•Proposed mediation hearing dates,

•Suggested location of the mediation.

Where the Mediation takes place:

Ms Bernick travels to the office of counsel for either party in accordance with the agreement between the parties.

Who should attend the Mediation:

Both parties must have someone present who can make legally binding decisions.  Physical attendance by decision makers is crucial to a successful mediation.  We require that at least 2 days prior to the mediation the parties disclose the names and capacities of all   individuals attending the mediation.

Mediation Briefs

At least five days prior to the mediation both sides will submit briefs.  These should include the facts, legal claims and basis, the complaint or documents initiating the action, procedural background., damages, expert reports, settlement demands/offers.

Prior to the Mediation

Ms Bernick will contact the attorneys after their briefs have been submitted to discuss confirmation of the mediation, desirability of a joint session, attendees, and issues that may be resolved prior to the mediation,


Ms Bernick charges a set fee which includes all preparation time, pre hearing telephone conferences, unlimited time at the mediation hearing, and follow up communications if necessary.  An additional fee for travel is charged for cases outside the Minneapolis, St. Paul MN area.      

Full payment of the fee is required prior to the mediation and at the time when reservations are made.  The fee is refundable up to two weeks prior to the mediation.


All statements made at the mediation are treated as confidential settlement discussions. At the outset of the mediation participants will be asked to sign an agreement attesting to the confidentiality of all information disclosed at the mediation.

At the Mediation:

Ms. Bernick may not hold a joint session. If you strongly believe a joint session would be critical please contact Ms. Bernick in advance to discuss this. The mediation is comprised of a series of alternating private caucuses with the mediator and each party and their attorney and possibly some joint sessions.   Ms. Bernick may meet with an attorney outside the presence of her or his client.



JD Loyola School of Law CA 1979

Admitted to practice in CA 1979

U of Minnesota BA in Math, minor in anthropology 1963

1 year graduate school U of MN in math

Four day mediator’s  course from the American Arbitration Association in Spring 2017

5115 Excelsior Boulevard, Suite 454
St. Louis Park, MN 55416

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