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I am a family law attorney and mediator.  My practice is settlement focused and dedicated to finding peaceful and lasting resolutions.  After years working with divorcing clients in the traditional litigation process, I became determined to bring a different approach to my clients who, through their divorce or parenting disputes, were required to go through the court process.  I became trained in Collaborative Family Law in 2003 and began working with clients in the Collaborative Process.  I began mediating in 1999 as volunteer mediator in the Los Angeles Superior Court's Family Law Mediation panel, and basic, advanced and ongoing training and experience as a family law mediator.


Admitted 1993, California; 1994, Arizona

Law School Southwestern Law School, J.D.

Member Los Angeles County Bar Association; State Bar of California; Women Lawyers Association of Los Angeles (Chair, Family Law Section, 2000—2010); Los Angeles Family Collaborative Law Association; Pasadena Collaborative Family Law (Chair, 2008-2011); International Association of Collaborative Professionals.

Born Los Angeles, California

Mediation is a significantly better way to resolve family law issues than the very difficult road of litigation.  When you choose mediation or other form of non-court resolution, (such as Collaborative law), you are making a positive choice to keep the decision making in the your hands. You are also making a choice not to take your existing disputes and arguments and make them worse battling it out in court. With over 19 years of experience, I have seen how damaging the court process can be to parents and children.  Court inevitably makes the transition in divorcing families more hostile and aggressive and can create more conflict, rather than diffuse it.  I am committed to making the process of marriage dissolution and/or resolving parenting disputes as peaceful as possible. I feel strongly  that resolutions should be focused on the best interests of children. I believe  that fair property and financial resolutions will result in benefits to both  parties. Please tour my website to see how mediation works and what is involved.  You will also see other options for non-court dispute resolutions.

745 South Marengo Avenue

Suite 208

Pasadena California 91106

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Family Law is about Family!
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Description: Family law is about FAMILY! So much of the conflicts causing people to need attorneys are about parenting. For this reason, I have created this page as a resource for parents. I am neither a specialist in children or a trained parent educator. The