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My name is Lorraine H. Sherman and I am a licensed, practicing attorney in Florida. I’m also a Florida Supreme Court Certified Family Law Mediator and work as a program mediator for the Eighth Circuit. I have been practicing family law for 16 years, I’ve handled close to 1,500 cases and have conducted approximately 170 bench trials. My law practice has taken me to 37 counties throughout the State of Florida.

I can help you at all stages of your case from the first pleading filed to preparing for mediation, trial and a final judgment. I can help you with any family law case you have including: asking for majority time sharing, custody, or visitation, filing for divorce or paternity, whether you’re asking for alimony or objecting to alimony, seeking consensual stepparent adoption, whether you want to relocate with the children or if you are objecting to your children relocating. 

You can get the benefit of having an attorney’s help to guide you through the steps of your marital and family law case at a price you can afford. My knowledge, information and experience will equip you with the tools you need to represent yourself in court effectively.

I offer the professional guidance you need to represent yourself in court at an affordable price. If you are in the middle of a family law case and need the help of an attorney "behind the scenes," then call me at 866-288-4411 today for a free consultation.

Family Law Philosophy

She believes the best way for parties to get divorced or establish custody and time sharing is by acknowledging and addressing the needs of everyone involved. When parties are in a high-conflict family law case, in and out of court frequently, the only people that win are the attorneys. She strongly supports the collaborative model of divorce and custody cases where the parties and attorneys work hard to reach an agreement
that everyone can live with and that is in the best interests of the children.

Ms. Sherman has a bias towards the children having easy access to both parents so long as the children are safe in both households. In most cases, children should be permitted to contact via Facebook, speak with, and/or skype with their mother or father. Children should have the privilege of both their parents present at special events, games, practices and competitions. Children should have access to both parents during holidays. Finally, children deserve to be able to go between their parents' households without fighting and drama.

If you are thinking about filing a lawsuit in family court, if you have been served with a summons in family court, or if you are in the middle of a case and need to prepare for trial, call Attorney Sherman today for a free consultation at 866-288-4411.

Costs and Expenses

Ms. Sherman works hard to keep costs down. In most cases, the cost to prepare a client's paperwork for divorce, paternity, modifications or relocations takes two hours and costs $400. In order to keep time down, it's important for the client to be prepared for the appointment. If the parties have children and property and an agreement, it usually takes about three hours to complete the paperwork and costs $600. Attorney Sherman's hourly rate is $200 per hour and there is a two-hour minimum. Self-Help Legal Services.com P.A. and all the required paperwork and/or trial preparation can be done by phone, so this is a Florida statewide service. If you are local and can come into the office for an appointment, you get the added benefit of notary services and copies at no additional cost.

Keep in mind there are other court costs. When you file your paperwork, there is filing fee of approximately $400 for divorces, $300 for paternity and $50 to reopen a case. Please check with your local clerk's office to confirm filing fees. Filing fees may vary from county to county. If the parties do not reach an agreement, then you will have to pay mediation fees from $60 to $120 to private fees of $200 and up. If you are serving your ex with a summons there is also a $40 sheriff's summons fee and a $10 clerk's fee. Other costs include but are not limited to: court reporter fees, deposition fees, cost for transcripts and expert witness fees.


Lorraine H. Sherman Esq. graduated with honors from the University of Florida College of Law in May 1998. During her last year of law school, she worked for a local family law attorney and as a research assistant for a human rights law professor.

Upon graduation and after receiving her law license, Ms. Sherman continued to work for a local family law attorney until she opened her own law office in September 1999.

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