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Child Custody, Conflict, Co-Parenting, Divorce, Family, Juvenile, Legal Separation

Attorney Woodacre is an established and Wellesley based domestic relations attorney with extensive motion and trial work experience.  Her comprehensive and varied background has provided her with the skilled insight and empathy essential to a family law practitioner.  Attorney Woodacre has extensive experience in complex litigation in the areas of alimony, support, modifications, removal from the Commonwealth, property division, and asset division.  Her stff is trained in forensic analysis and for complex as well as high conflict cases.

Attorney Woodacre innately understands that effective communication with her client is a critical component that mitigates the stress associated in high conflict cases.  Working as a team with the client, she welcomes input that allows the client to feel comfortable with quality representation.  She works closely to develop strategies to protect their assets.  Each case is conducted with focus on efficient and speedy resolution, optimally by drafting a settlement agreement.  Attorney Woodacre has earned a reputation for meticulous and comprehensive legal writing as well as diligent advocacy in the Courtroom.  She is knowledgeable and experienced in high conflict and complex litigation, including special needs and autism cases.  She is cognizant of the emotional and financial challenges a marital dissolution brings to both sides of the table as well as to any children involved.

As an experienced certified mediator since 1992, she seeks to negotiate a fair and reasonable settlement in her cases, whether it is by settlement agreement or through discovery and the litigation process.

Attorney Woodacre and her staff are dedicated to managing every case in a diligent and timely manner.  She understands that clients have long and short term interests.

Her advocacy encompasses skilled negotiation and strategy in high conflict custody matters as well as complex property and asset division cases.

Throughout the dissolution process Attorney Woodacre keeps the client involved and informed of important developments as they occur.  She is inclusive and will educate the client on the important elements of a legal dissolution.

Attorney Woodacre has studied comparative law in Germany as well as having studied Spanish in Mexico and has a military and corporate family background.

She prefers to consult with potential clients before the dissolution process has commenced.  She has expertise in counseling people who are struggling with decision making who seek guidance and to know their legal and property rights.  She is uniquely qualified in the emerging area of matrimonial law that is called marital mediation and the area of seeking counsel from a matrimonial professional when individuals are struggling with the decision to dissolve a marriage.

Areas of Practice:                       

Child Custody,
Legal Separation

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