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Business Dispute Mediation & Resolution

Mary Lyons is an experienced, full-time, professional mediator with Virginia Supreme Court certification. She is also an attorney, and is available to help you resolve disputes through mediation or negotiation


Just Resolutions provides mediation and negotiation services in a wide range of cases, including:


Business Transactions

Contract Disputes

Employee Issues

Tax Disputes with the IRS

Partnership/Shareholder Issues 

Acquisition/Disposition of Businesses 

Business Restructuring/Dissolution

Landlord/Tenant Issues 


Regardless of the issue that is between you and another business, or between you and your business partners, we can help you have a good conversation that will make it much less likely that you will need to hire a lawyer.  Or, if the dispute has already escalated to a lawsuit, we can help you figure out how to settle it.


Clients (with the assistance of their lawyers, if desired) get to talk about the situation on their own terms.  They are invited to say whatever they want to communicate to the other party, and ask whatever questions they need answered in order to move forward.  Especially in cases that concern financial matters, Just Resolutions helps clients make the best possible decisions about how to resolve a stressful situation successfully.  Most often, within a few hours, clients arrive at a settlement they are truly satisfied with.


Partnership/Shareholder Issues


Mediation provides the greatest likelihood that partnership disputes, or conflicts within closely-held corporations, can be resolved efficiently and to the satisfaction of all concerned.  If Just Resolutions is employed early, we can eliminate the need for legal fees.  If we’re brought in later, we can put an end to the attorney fees and can quickly and efficiently reach a mutually satisfactory resolution—results that all parties can live with.  When the parties want to, Just Resolutions can also salvage partnership relationships that are on the brink of collapse.


Mediation for Dental Professionals


Although we work with individuals and owners of all types of businesses, Mary Lyons, having practiced dentistry for 13 years, has a special interest in mediation for dental professionals, and an understanding of the issues they face.  So whether a dispute is with a patient (including dental malpractice), a dental supplier, a partner, a landlord or tenant, or a dispute with or between employees, we can help you come to a resolution without the stress, costs, and uncertainty of going to court.  


Also, in many cases where a doctor has an associate who is buying into the practice, the transition and terms of an agreement can be facilitated through mediation. 


We focus on resolving conflict so that you can get back to what you do best! 

We can help. Call us at (804) 503-6974 to schedule a free consultation.

Why Mediation?




Although legal proceedings are a matter of public record, mediation is completely private and confidential. In fact, mediators are bound by a strict code of confidentiality and are prohibited from disclosing anything that occurs during the course of a mediation. All participants are also asked to sign confidentially agreements to ensure that each party’s interests are protected throughout the process.




Unlike litigation, mediations can be scheduled fairly quickly, depending upon the mediator’s schedule and the availability and readiness of the parties. 


Cost Savings


Mediation has been recognized as a less costly method of resolving disputes than litigation and arbitration, especially if the parties agree to submit their dispute to mediation before initiating legal proceedings, which can cost many thousands of dollars and carry the risk of an unknown result. In non-litigated disputes, conflict can cost lost revenue and productivity. A mediator can help resolve internal issues, getting organizations back on track and saving thousands of dollars. 

Mediation has a 90% success rate, whether it takes one session or several. For the 10% of mediations that fail to result in resolution, the parties usually walk away from the proceedings with a better understanding of their case, their obstacles to winning and what they will need to prove in court to win. Agreements that result from mediation have a 90% compliance rate. All of this saves time and money, resulting a healthy return on your investment.




Mediation is the only dispute resolution process where parties retain complete decision-making power over the outcome of their dispute. Not so in the arbitration or litigation decision-making processes, where parties have no right of self-determination, and where total strangers, who may know nothing about the parties, their industry or their underlying interests, will render a decision in which one party will win and one will lose in a very high-stakes gamble. In mediation, the parties are the final decision-makers and can choose how much and when to communicate, compromise or settle. 


Problem Solving


A judge, jury or arbitrator can only award damages as part of a lawsuit, but sometimes a party’s issues can go beyond damages. Perhaps what they really need is an apology or a letter of recommendation. Perhaps their issues have nothing to do with money and everything to do with ego and respect. The court and arbitration system can only award money damages. Only a mediator can explore the interests below the surface to try to find solutions that truly address the issues. 


There are all types of problems that can’t be solved by the courts. Companies may choose to mediate specific problems within their staffs for better productivity, communication and interpersonal relationships. A mediator can explore the underlying cause of conflict and find solutions that work for everyone, which saves money and repairs relationships in the process.


Bridge Building


Litigation destroys relationships because of its acrimonious nature. Mediation is collaborative. The very nature of mediation is to communicate and work together to find solutions. Mediation works to preserve and repair relationships. 




A large part of mediation revolves around negotiation, and the mediator helps each party better understand the other’s position. This may lead to a more creative and thus more lucrative deal than originally anticipated.




Most importantly, the parties who participate in mediations generally tend to find closure. Whether through an apology or a handshake at the end of settlement, parties go home feeling as if their ordeal is over and their thoughts, concerns and anger has been heard and addressed.

Mary Wyatt Lyons, D.D.S., J.D.


A mediator who has 15 years’ experience as an attorney*, as well as 13 years’ experience as a dentist, and owner of her practice, is able to immediately understand the issues involved and understands the types of disputes that business owners face (keeping costs down).  While she found the role of advocate challenging and rewarding, resolving disputes has become her true passion and calling.   As a mediator, Mary is highly valued for her ability to connect personally with everyone at the table while drilling down on the issues that can adjust parties’ positions and guide them toward settlement. She is very proactive in helping parties prepare for the mediation by identifying the information that is critical to the negotiations, helping them evaluate the strength of their positions (if asked), and will work tirelessly to facilitate a resolution.  Mary has over 200 hours of mediation and negotiation training from numerous institutions.

LL.M. in Tax with Distinction   Georgetown University Law Center                                                                     

J.D. with Honors   George Washington University Law School      


D.D.S.   Medical College of Virginia School of Dentistry      


B.A.  University of  Virginia    


* Licensed to practice law in Florida

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