Maurice Mandel II

Maurice Mandel II, Attorney at Law

Los Angeles, California 90001


Commercial, Construction, Contract, Discrimination, Education, Employment, Personal Injury, Sexual Harassment, Wage and Hour, Workplace, Wrongful Death

Maurice Mandel II is an attorney licensed to practice before numerous Federal Courts and the courts of California.  He has been in private practice since 1980, as a sole practitioner.  Mr. Mandel’s practice has consisted almost entirely of Civil Litigation handling cases in a large variety of matters, including construction law, business /commercial disputes, real property, contract, employment law, civil rights and discrimination, harassment, ERISA, ADA, and personal injury to name a few areas.  Mr. Mandel has represented both Plaintiffs and Defendants, Employers and Employees.


Mr. Mandel was Admitted to practice in California in 1980, after graduating from Western State University-College of Law, Fullerton Campus.  His undergraduate work included both Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees from the University of Southern California. Mr. Mandel is the Founding President of the Orange County Chapter of the Federal Bar Association, and a member of the Orange County Bar Association and Orange County Trial Lawyers Association.


Prior to practicing Law, Mr. Mandel was a school teacher for 10 years.  He has volunteered as a Fee Arbitrator since 1984, and a Temporary Judge since 1986.  He is married with a daughter.  His outside interests include Swimming, Skiing and Photography.  Mr. Mandel is multi lingual and enjoys travel to other cultures.

Since 1980, my work has allowed me to assist others to resolve their disputes, in one way or another.  It has become clear that the most efficient way to reach such a resolution is through the mutual agreement of the parties.  Today, the Courts are in budget crisis, the resolution of cases through the previously acceptable means, a trial by court or jury, is going to become less and less available to civil litigants with employment, contract, construction and other disputes.


 Everyone is being encouraged to utilize ADR (Alternative Dispute Resolution), and mediation is the number one form of ADR.  I have been resolving cases through ADR for over 25 years.  I have assisted the California Superior Court in holding settlement conferences for our judges, and I have been a member of the United States District Court/ Central District of California Attorney Settlement Officer panel since its inception in 1996. 


 Every year I attend mediation training, usually conducted by Pepperdine University School of Law, Los Angeles.  And the United States District Court panel has great programs. And with over 100 Attorneys on the panel, we have many attorneys to discuss alternative successful methods of mediation.


 Speaking different languages is a hobby of mine, not only for the language but because it allows me to acquire an understanding of the different cultures.  If you have a client from a different country, you will want to have someone that has the ability to understand their background.


 I look forward to assisting Attorneys and their clients to resolve matters efficiently and economically through mediation. I am willing to work with counsel to increase the value and lower the cost of mediation, so that those with cases of a low dollar value can still get high quality mediation. I can affordably mediate cases in "Limited" jurisdiction.


 I want to leave you with these thoughts: few people really want to go through a trial.  The process is stressful to everyone.  I have counseled clients that it is like having a nasty monkey on your back that is biting you all the time.  The results are uncertain, no matter how good a case or counsel you have.  Case in point- the unexpected results in the murder trial of OJ Simpson.  Finally, the financial burden can be enormous, you are called upon to pay for court reporters, jurors, and your own attorneys; and there is no guarantee.  In a successful mediation you get certainty, and you don't have to pay for any more bananas for the monkey that was on your back.

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