Paula M. Skerston

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Civil Rights, Discrimination, Employment, Police or Law Enforcement, Sexual Harassment, Wage and Hour, Whistleblower

Paula Skerston was a civil attorney in California for 20 years. She is not licensed to practice law in Illinois. Paula Skerston is a mediator in Illinois.  
Paula's strong interest in whistleblower, civil rights, police misconduct, and employment law came about when she was a peace officer with the Orange County Probation Department, working at Juvenile Hall, from 1997 to 2003.   She blew the whistle on safety issues and government waste while she was an employee.  She suffered a lot of retaliation from the management at Juvenile Hall, for her whistleblowing. She filed a federal civil rights lawsuit against her employer while she was still an employee, and her story ended up in the Los Angeles Times in 2003.  Her federal civil rights lawsuit against her employer settled two weeks before the trial was set to start.      
All mediations are strictly CONFIDENTIAL.   Mediator's  notes, except the date of the mediation and the names of the parties, will be destroyed immediately after the mediation.   

It is required that at least five days prior to the mediation both sides will email to the mediator a mediation brief,  or a written statement, explaining their side of the dispute.  All parties involved in the mediation are required to be kind, respectful, and very civil with each other involved in the mediation.   
The mediator is a neutral 3rd party who is helping both sides find a fair resolution that the parties are in agreement. Paula Skerston will never give up mediating your case as long as both sides are willing to keep trying to resolve the dispute, whether it takes all day, or the parties want to come back the following week to keep trying to resolve the dispute. 
Graduated from CA State University, Long Beach, CA in 1987. Western State University, College of Law, in Fullerton, CA, graduated in 1994. 
Currently enrolled in Cornell University, in New York - Mediation program online 
Admitted to practice law, State Bar of California in 1999

Admitted to Practice law in Federal Court in 2002. 
A member of the Illinois State Bar Association 2020
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Homewood, Illinois 604f30
phone # (714) 809-0512   
email is [email protected]