Rebecca Olesen

The Guidance Office

Hartford, Connecticut 06102


Business, Child Custody, Child Support Modification, Civil, Collaborative Divorce, Divorce, Divorce Modification and Enforcement, Family, Trusts and Estates

Rebecca Olesen Mediator

Rebecca Olesen uses her 13+ years combined law and social services training to keep things fair, open and honest. She believes each of her clients are unique and therefor seeks the best solutions for each individual's future. Her goal is to ensure her clients always understand what's happening and have a voice about the changes occurring in their lives.

Rebecca is also a qualified Justice of the Peace and a Notary Public.

Why The Guidance Office?

We provide all of the available information and resources needed while going through a family change. Whether you are getting married, going through a divorce or simply want to prepare for your future needs we are here to help. Knowledge is power.

~Your Peace of Mind is our ultimate goal. Life's big changes can be overwhelming and downright hard, we help make them a bit easier.

~Our blend of law and social services experience gives you both the emotional and legal support you need.

~We believe each situation is unique. Everything will be custom tailored for you and your family. Who knows your family's needs better than you do, after all?

~Every document is reviewed by our neutral Attorney, Richard O'Neil. This ensures everything you sign is legally appropriate and enforceable.

~We send you out into your new world informed and prepared. We provide you with a full range of referrals to local accountants, realtors, therapists, etc when needed. We ensure all of your needs are being met by the highest quality professionals.

We are conveniently located at

77 Hazard Ave. Suite M-1
Enfield, CT 06082
(by Smyth's Ice Cream)

P: 860-305-9400
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