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My name is Ron Anania. I am what's called a certified mediator for Civil Circuit, Family and County mediations. A mediator is a neutral, that tries to assist the parties in resolving their dispute. I am also an Arbitrator, which is much like being a judge. Instead of going to court, parties come to me, and I decide the dispute for them. Both of these jobs entail helping people resolve their dispute, without having to go to court.

I perform private mediations and arbitrations, and have been a mediator and arbitrator for the Florida Mediation Group for a long time. Therefore, we have numerous locations to conduct mediations or arbitrations; my office at Las Olas in Ft. Lauderdale, FMG across from the Broward and Dade County Courthouses, and an office in West Palm Beach. I am also a mediator and arbitrator for the Florida Bar Grievance Committee, and hold these sessions at the Florida Bar ofiice in Sunrise. 

ADR, alternative dispute resolution, is our way of resolving disputes, by using two different techniques; Mediation or Arbitration. Both are  extremely effective in keeping disputes out of court. I have provided two sections of this web site explaining the pros and cons of both techniques. 

Both state and Federal courts are extremely busy places. It takes two to three years or more, to get a case through state court, and about half as long to go through federal court. The process is expensive in either court.

Those of us who practice mediation and arbitration; most of which are attorneys, have a saying; don't litigate if you can mediate or arbitrate. Either; especially mediation, are more cost effective and faster.

As an attorney, I love trials. Unfortunately, only about 2% of all cases actiually go to trial. The courts promote mediation, and in many cases require mediation before you can go to trial. Approximately 85% of those cases are settled in mediation.

I have practiced law for 30 years and been a mediator for 20 years.
Anania Law Firm, P.A.
10910 SW 10th Court
Davie, FL 33324

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