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In the mid-1990s, Suzanne Wooten began her training in mediation/alternate dispute resolution when she worked as an associate with Mr. Thomas Thurmond, a pioneer in the field. In addition to over two decades of practical experience, Ms. Wooten received her mediation certification from SMU.

Ms. Wooten's over 20 years of experience in civil, family, and business law in the roles of trial attorney, negotiator, mediator, and former State District Judge have enabled her to obtain a wide range of knowledge, mediation skills, and resolution techniques.

Above all, Ms. Wooten strongly believes that resolving disputes outside of the courthouse where each party has input in crafting the solution is the cost-effective, productive, and confidential way to resolve such matters
Litigation can be financially and emotionally costly to everyone involved.  The increasing cost of lawsuits, delay due to the overwhelmed court dockets, and the uncertainty of the outcome of a lawsuit are more than most involved parties can bear. 

Mediation and other dispute resolution processes offer a unique advantage over "rolling the dice" in court - having control in the outcome of the dispute.  Solutions can be creative and designed to meet the facts and circumstances of each situation.  The entire process is confidential which permits the parties, their attorneys, and the mediator to explore solutions that are "outside the box"  while the content of the creative process is protected from public disclosure.   

Mediation can also be utilized to avoid a lawsuit in many cases with a binding pre-suit settlement agreement.
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