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Vicki Carpel Miller is co-founder and a core trainer with the Collaborative Divorce Team Trainings, Collaborative Divorce Institute, and the Vicarious Trauma Institute.


She is co-author of Second Hand Shock: Surviving and Overcoming Vicarious Trauma, and The Second-Hand Shock Workbook; Just Stop Eating That; Just Stop Picking Losers and Just Stop Doing That.


Vicki is the co-founder of Collaborative Divorce Professionals of Arizona and functions as a Divorce Coach, Child Specialist and/or Case Manager in Collaborative Divorce files. She has been training Lawyers, Mental Health and Financial Professionals in the Full Team Model of Interdisciplinary Collaborative Divorce for over a decade throughout the United States, Canada and in Australia, and was instrumental in designing the Full Team and Streamlined Protocols for Collaborative Practice. 


Vicki is a past Board Member and current professional member of the International Academy of Collaborative Professionals (IACP) and served on several committees including Standards, Core Institute, Forum Planning and the original Advisory Council on Training and Practice to the IACP. She is a Clinical Member of the American Association for Marriage and Family Therapists (AAMFT), the Association of Family and Conciliation Courts (AFCC), and an Advanced Practitioner Member of the Association for Conflict Resolution (ACR). Vicki has received advanced training in Family Mediation, Narrative Mediation, Interest-Based Negotiation, High Conflict Personalities, Collaborative Family Law, Collaborative Law in Trusts and Estates, and Collaborative Divorce Interdisciplinary Team Practice, as well as designing curriculum for Introductory, Advanced and Training the Trainers in Full Team Collaborative Divorce.


She has offices in Phoenix and Scottsdale, Arizona, and can be reached at <[email protected]>.


I was drawn to Mediation and then, to Collaborative Divorce Practice, after witnessing the devastation of families in the divorce litigation process. My practice focused on couples and family therapy, therapy with children of divorce, the blending of families and step-families. I was struck by the destruction that resulted from protracted litigation and the need for a 'different and better way to do it'.

I mediate parenting plans for families, and work with Lawyers and Financial Specialists in crafting a full mediated divorce.

When I heard about Collaborative Divorce, I knew that I could put into practice what I had been thinking about and hoping for, for my clients and for the professionals that served them.

I believe that Collaborative Practice is the most respectful and humane way for a family to divorce and restructure. It allows the children to have a voice in the process and provides parents with guidance, information and opportunity to design and craft their family's future. I am honored to be a part of this movement and am grateful to those whose vision preceded me.

I was fortunate to have been trained by Stu Webb, Pauline Tesler, Nancy Ross and Peggy Thompson in the Interdisciplinary Team Model of Collaborative Practice. I have been training for over a decade   with Collaborative Divorce Team Trainings. Collaborative Divorce Institute and the Vicarious Trauma Institute throughout the United States, Canada and in Australia. I devote my private practice to mediation of parenting plans and collaborative divorce full team cases. I function in the role of Divorce Coach and/or Child Specialist in Collaborative files. Organizationally, I have served on the Board of IACP from 2003-2006 and was on the Executive Board of the organization in 2006 as Secretary. I have also served on the Standards Committee, the Professional Development Committee and the Forum Committee. I am the co-founder and past Past President (2010) of the Collaborative Divorce Professionals of Arizona Practice Group.  I was an integral part of the protocols committee, developing the widely used and trained original Full Team Protocols for Collaborative Full Team Practice.  Most recently, I have co-authored the Streamlined Protocols for Collaborative Full Team practice so that families of all socioeconomic means can afford to obtain a Full Team Collaborative Divorce.

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