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I’m not one of those people who always wanted to be an attorney. I’m not gonna tell you that I’m good at arguing or even like it.  In fact, I have often said that I’m the most non confrontational person I know. But during my senior year in college when faced with the choice of getting a real job in the real world and becoming a real adult or going to law school… I chose law school. I am a designated mediator for the Circuit Court for Washington County, Maryland and the Circuit Court for Frederick County, Maryland.

After law school I lived in New York City for ten years and practiced litigation at a Midtown law firm. I played the part and played it well.  As a result,  I saw firsthand the toll that litigation takes and learned that sometimes after a long trial no one really wins.

After taking a break to stay at home with my kids, I had no desire to return to the contentious world of litigation.  Instead I was  driven to pursue a more harmonious approach to conflict resolution. So, I took training to resolve family disputes through facilitative and transformative mediation and I now specialize in early stage mediation (prior to the filing of divorce). I understand the benefits (and necessity) of cooperative  parenting after a divorce and as your mediator I am committed to giving you a “family focused” approach to your divorce that preserves your family relationships and prevents the depletion of your hard earned marital assets that often results from litigating. It is my goal to change the “traditional” way family disputes are resolved in the legal field, one family at a time.

I am admitted to practice law in the states of New York and Maryland. I am a designated mediator for the Circuit Court of Washington County, Maryland and the Circuit Court for Frederick County, Maryland. I live in Washington County, Maryland with my husband and our two boys.

What is Mediation?

Mediation starts with a conversation. As your mediator, I will facilitate this conversation and help you and your partner talk to each other in a way that each of you feels heard and understood. Mediation is a process that acknowledges emotions, improves communication, brings closure to the relationship, and gets you both what you want.

How is Mediation Different than Standard Litigation?

In standard litigation you have little control over the outcome. A Judge or other third party who doesn’t know you makes crucial decisions that will impact you and your children for years to come. Whereas in mediation, you control the outcome. You get to decide how the dispute is resolved and I, as your mediator, will help to guide you there. Further, you and your spouse are more likely to keep your agreements since it was something that you worked on together.

Standard litigation can be very expensive with large retainers taken in advance.  It can often result in the depletion of your hard earned marital assets. Whereas you will pay session-by-session for my mediation services with no large upfront fees.  

Standard litigation takes longer.  It can take more than a year to reach a trial in a highly contested divorce proceeding.  Whereas most parties working in mediation are able to reach an agreement in four to six sessions.  

33 West Franklin Street
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