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High School Using Peer Mediation Program to Address Racial Tension
12/27/2018 12:53:46 PM
Description: High schools across the country are using peer mediation programs to resolve disputes between students and Southeast High School is no exception.   According to Deia Lasu, a senior student at the school, she reached her boiling point during

Kim Kardashian Seeks Divorce Mediation
2/20/2012 9:35:05 AM
Description: In a perhaps ironic decision, Kim Kardashian and her legal team are seeking private divorce mediation rather than a full-blown trial divorce from Kris Humphries. However, despite the disparity between this and allowing cameras into the rest of her

5th Viennese Conference on Mediation
11/28/2011 1:23:46 PM
Description: Posted by Sieglinde Kavan who will participate on “5th Viennese Conference on Mediation” SUBJECT: Ubuntu – and: „How we are all depending on each other.“ The conference deals with existential issues of human life

Mortgage Foreclosure Dispute Resolution (MFDR) Program
6/15/2011 2:43:07 PM
Description: Though the current economic climate has shown meager signs of recovery, the foreclosure epidemic continues to plague states across the country and is forcing state legislators to implement dispute resolution programs.