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12/7/2023 7:11:17 PM
Description:                         Same sex couples, be they Domestic Partners or Married, can significantly benefit from using Mediation as a way

Mediation a Possibility in Scottsdale vs. FAA Dispute
9/14/2020 12:24:48 PM
Description: Scottsdale has increased its legal defense in its continuing fight with the Federal Aviation Administration, but mediation will be attempted before the dispute moves any further. The dispute concerns flight changes implemented in 2014 that officials

Mediation Could Settle Long-term Dispute Over Gate in Hot Springs Village
9/14/2020 12:24:00 PM
Description: The long-running debate over the gates at Hot Springs Village could finally come to an end via mediation. The Property Owners’ Association has agreed to enter into mediation with the International Security Network (ISN).   The lawsuit

Union President Rallies Strikers as Mediation Talks Continue for Bath Machinists
9/3/2020 11:47:12 AM
Description: The international president of the Machinists union encouraged Bath Iron Works workers to stay strong as mediation talks continue. Robert Martinez Jr. accused the shipyard of “corporate greed” and told workers “there is no way in

Teachers’ Union Files for Mediation
8/19/2020 11:56:49 AM
Description: The Kewanee Education Association has filed for mediation regarding its ongoing contract negotiations with School District 229. The union claims it has reached an impasse and requires assistance from a neutral third party to move discussions

Mediation Continues for Bath Iron Workers
8/4/2020 12:25:06 PM
Description: Bath’s largest Iron Works union will be meeting with a federal mediator in the coming weeks. The mediation attempt comes after a month-long strike by the workers. Mediation attempts have been made throughout the month, but no agreement was

New Zealand Nurses Plan Work Stoppage during Pandemic after Mediation Fails
7/17/2020 2:48:46 PM
Description:   The thousands of nurses and healthcare workers responsible for providing care in New Zealand intend to stop working after the mediation to resolve their contract disputes were unsuccessful. The quasi-strike is expected to last for two hours

Mediation Center Hopes to Help with Conversations about Current Events
7/17/2020 2:46:55 PM
Description: It is no secret that people are having a difficult time discussing current events without it devolving into fights these days. The Mediation Center of the Coastal Empire is hoping to change that or at least diffuse some of the tension.   The

Buffalo and City Police Department Continue Mediation Negotiations over Contract
7/13/2020 12:21:15 PM
Description: Negotiations between the City of Buffalo and its police department have been ongoing since the union’s contract expired in June 2019. Little progress has been made thus far, but the mediation continued until recently when the police union

Union Calling for Federal Mediator
7/6/2020 11:11:39 AM
Description: The Bath Iron Works Union is calling for a federal mediator to resolve its strike and allow workers to get back on the job. The strike currently affects more than 4000 members of the Machinists Union Local S6. They went on strike following their