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Mediation Ends in Dune Walkover Dispute
7/6/2020 11:12:25 AM
Description: Non-binding mediation was on the docket to settle the Florida Land Use and Environmental Resolution Dispute Act (FLUEDA) dune walkover dispute with Fort Myers Beach, but the applicant has pulled out. Kurt Kroemer of Squeeze Me Inn LLC was the one to

Environmental Lawsuit between United States and Salinas Headed to Mediation
3/28/2019 3:30:49 PM
Description: The ongoing lawsuit between the United States federal government and four local governments regarding environmental pollution is headed to mediation. The lawsuit concerns issues occurring at the former Schilling Air Force Base.   The Salina

Rail Operator and County Headed to Mediation
3/22/2019 11:43:17 AM
Description: For months Clark County and the Portland Vancouver Junction Railroad have been involved in an ongoing dispute that will now head to mediation. The dispute concerns the implementation of a change to state laws that would allow freight-dependent

Berkshires Residents Promised Opportunity to Speak Out on Mediation for Housatonic River Cleanup Project
11/12/2018 12:19:37 PM
Description: Residents of the Berkshires will learn about their opportunity to speak out on the next cleanup of the Housatonic River, which will allow public participation at the same time officials are signing agreements not to share too many details of the

Sewer Dispute Heads to Mediation
10/23/2018 12:46:44 PM
Description: The ongoing sewer dispute between Marietta and Washington County has moved to mediation. Officials from both sides met recently at Marietta College to discuss potential resolutions to the problem.   The dispute has been ongoing since 2015

Housatonic River Mediation Moving Forward
10/18/2018 8:55:32 PM
Description: General Electric Co.  and the US Environmental Protection Agency are funding mediation sessions concerning the Housatonic River cleanup project.    The first mediation session has already occurred and more are in the works. 

Mediation Could Be Key in Everglades Dispute
10/4/2018 3:17:00 PM
Description: Mediation could wind up being the only thing that can save the Florida Everglades, at least according to a team of FIU researchers hoping to restore the South Florida wetlands area.   According to the group, mediators would act as

Mediation Resolves Nicholas County Schools Dispute
9/21/2018 1:09:11 PM
Description: Mediation has, once again, resolved a dispute within the public school system.   According to Nicholas County School Superintendent Donna Burge-Tetrick, this was always going to be the case.  The goal was to replace the county’s

Mediation Continues for Kentucky Justice Coal Companies
9/3/2018 10:30:01 PM
Description: Kentucky regulators have accused West Virginia Governor Jim Justice’s family coal companies of breaching their environmental responsibilities.  The regulators are seeking millions of dollars in fines for surface mining areas they claim

Housatonic River Cleanup Mediation Continues
5/29/2018 2:09:32 PM
Description: The Housatonic River cleanup continues to receive attention from the Environmental Protection Agency.  Continuing mediation is still expected to be successful for resolving the dispute concerning the river.  The cleanup of PCBS has been