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Somali Political Parties Urged to Explore Mediation
12/26/2016 12:09:38 PM
Description: Violence and voting irregularities have been reported by politicians and clan elders in Somalia. Only 14,000 people are permitted to vote each day for the country’s 275 new parliament leaders due to an insurgency by Islamists. The president is

Madison Headed to Mediation over Tax Dispute
8/11/2016 5:38:42 PM
Description: Recently a judge in Madison Alabama ordered mediation to proceed between Madison City Schools and Limestone County regarding a portion of county property and sales tax proceeds. A portion of the city of Madison is located within Limestone County,

Mediation to Resolve Dispute between Vero Beach and Indian River Shores
5/24/2016 12:15:23 PM
Description: The dispute concerning the regulation of electric rate increases between Vero Beach and Indian River Shores is headed to mediation. By the end of the process, the two sides will either reach an agreement or agree to disagree, according to the Vero

Mediation over Washington Redskins Logo Set to Begin in September
9/3/2015 3:46:17 PM
Description: The ongoing dispute over Washington Redskin’s trademark logo could soon be settled through an early mediation settlement, scheduled to begin September 10th, shortly after the team kicks off its NFL season. The trademark case was filed by

Video Game Litigation Settled in Mediation
5/23/2015 1:18:21 PM
Description: A lawsuit brought by Gearbox, maker of the oft-delayed game Duke Nukem Forever, against rival video game maker 3D Realms over an announced Duke Nukem game has been settled out of court after a round of mediation.   3D Realms had announced the

The Next Wave of Alternative Dispute Resolution for the Hospitality Industry
12/26/2012 1:23:53 PM
Description:   By:      Jennifer Wolf, Institute for Conflict Management, LLC             Maurice Robinson,

Best Practices for Handling Franchise Disputes with Mediation
12/17/2012 11:47:09 AM
Description: Best Practices for Handling Franchise Disputes with Mediation Franchise mediation has proven to be overwhelmingly more successful in resolving franchise disputes than litigation.  Think about it: in mediation, the dispute is resolved through

Going Through Franchise Mediation: Make Sure Follow These Tips
11/29/2012 9:03:29 AM
Description:   When it comes to franchises, you are going to be in constant contact with the franchisee for an extended period of time and you want to maintain a smooth and cordial relationship with that person for as long as possible.  Since you will

When Franchisee and Franchisor Disagree
11/25/2012 8:39:39 PM
Description:   As the world of small businesses grows, the opportunity for franchising has opened doors for many entrepreneurs to achieve their business goals and run their own business.  However, in the process, there is the potential for many

Do Small Businesses Need Mediation Lawyers?
5/21/2012 9:58:03 AM
Description: A common question in the world of small businesses is if they need mediation lawyers—or lawyers at all. The expenses of having an attorney can seem prohibitive—they charge by the hour even in issues that do not involve