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Petosky Mediation Group Celebrates 25 Years of Service
1/5/2019 3:44:39 PM
Description: Northern Community Mediation, a Petsokey-based organization that offers mediation services to people in Emmet and Charlevoix counties, is celebrating a quarter century of service this year.  The organization’s goal has always been to help

American Bar Association Recognizes National Mediation Week
10/17/2013 3:15:27 PM
Description:   The third week of October is recognized as National Mediation Week by the American Bar Association in an attempt to educate more people about the option of collaborative dispute resolution instead of litigation in civil, labor, business and

Introduction to Family Law Mediation (Primarily in Harris County, State of Texas)
11/10/2012 6:22:32 PM
Description:   Divorce mediation is a process where you and your soon to be ex-spouse (or significant other) meet with a neutral trained third party family law mediator to reach a settlement in your lawsuit (divorce or SAPRC or modification).  Many

Are hard financial times keeping couples from divorce?
7/27/2012 5:42:25 PM
Description: Economic hardship may be keeping some couples from seeking out a divorce attorney.     A recent NPR article discussed the effects of the economic downturn on marriages and the reasons behind the trend. The same reason that many