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Flight Attendants Avoid Strike with Tentative Mediation Deal
4/12/2019 11:54:36 AM
Description:   A tentative contract deal was reached by Frontier Airlines and its flight attendants recently through mediation.   The process was overseen by the National Mediation Board and as a result, a demonstration planned that would have

Dispute over Location of New Hospital Could Be Headed to Mediation
4/12/2019 11:53:44 AM
Description: Chances of a resolution being reached without the assistance of a third-party fell by the wayside recently when those involved in the dispute over the location of a new hospital were unable to reach an agreement. The dispute is now expected to go to

Dam Mediation Approved by County
4/12/2019 11:52:12 AM
Description:   Mediation is set to begin in an attempt to resolve the dispute concerning the Alverno Dam.   Cheboygan County was given a mediation agreement by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) for review and approval, but both the

Mediation Up Next for Florida Teachers
4/12/2019 11:51:17 AM
Description: The continuing contract negotiations between the Florida Union Free School District and the Florida Teachers Association came to an abrupt ending recently when the district decided to two sides were far from reaching a consensus over the issues. As

Mediation Outcome Could Affect Ruling in Gunn High School Robotics Case
4/12/2019 11:50:23 AM
Description:   A judge will decide whether the ban of a Gunn High School Student from the school’s robotics team will continue. The student is accused of sexually harassing a teammate in class via text message and during the students’ lunch

Mediation App Helps Resolve Co-Parenting Disputes
4/4/2019 2:51:17 PM
Description: Mediation is one of the best tools for helping to resolve co-parenting disputes but it is not always reasonable to schedule a mediator to help with every single issue that arises in a family. Seeing a need for ongoing mediation assistance between

Connecticut Mediation Program Expected to Continue
4/4/2019 2:50:42 PM
Description: The issues with foreclosure in Connecticut have decreased in the last decade as the have across most of the country, but the Community Renewal Team in Hartford doesn’t see that as a reason to end the state’s foreclosure mediation

Federal Judge to Oversee Mediation Involving University of Regina Sexual Abuse Victims
4/4/2019 2:50:07 PM
Description: A senior federal judge will oversee the upcoming mediation involving two lawsuits filed against Ohio State by men claiming to have been sexually abused while attending the school. The lawsuit alleges the school ignored claims of sexual abuse and

Sewer Dispute Ends in Mediation
4/4/2019 2:49:27 PM
Description: The ongoing dispute about the rates for the city of Warren to treat sanitary sewer waste has come to a resolution through mediation. The mayor of Warren and Trumbull County commissioners agreed to concessions by both sides, as well as an increase

Mediation Scheduled for Sandpoint Murder Case
4/4/2019 2:48:51 PM
Description: Lawyers for the Bonner County man charged with first-degree murder have pushed back the pre-trial filing deadline in order to accommodate a civil mediation in an effort to resolve the case out of the courtroom. According to court records, the case