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Mediation Could Set the State for Philadelphia’s Renewable Energy Plant
5/20/2020 2:29:39 PM
Description: Plans to move forward with Philadelphia’s renewable energy plant could be just around the corner, thanks in part to mediation. This comes after a court decision cleared the way for the sale of the property.   The plant, scheduled to be

Allstate Requests an Extension of Its Upcoming Mediation Date
5/20/2020 2:28:49 PM
Description: Court documents show that Allstate has requested an extension of its upcoming mediation. The judge overseeing the case did not approve the extension and mediation will carry on as planned on the court-scheduled date of May 27th. Stanford Blake will

Legal Experts Urge Parties to Consider Mediation during COVID-19 Outbreak to Resolve Contract Disputes
5/20/2020 2:28:04 PM
Description: A lot of things ground to a halt in early March when stay-at-home orders were issued by governments across the country. This included many ongoing legal battles. Unsure what to do next and handle upcoming court dates, those involved in contract

Mediation Fails in Effort to Prevent Canadian Meat-packing Plant from Opening
5/20/2020 2:27:25 PM
Description:   After an attempt to delay re-opening due to COVID-19, the Cargill meatpacking plant opened on Monday. The reopening comes after the union representing workers at the plan attempted to reach a deal via mediation about delaying the re-opening

Class Action Lawsuit over Thunder Bay Flooding Moves Forward After Mediation
5/20/2020 2:26:40 PM
Description: It has been nearly a decade since the Thunder Bay flood that led to damage and ruins in thousands of homes in the area and just now the class action that arose from the event is headed to mediation. The class action was filed on behalf of residents

The City of Sebastian Turns to Mediator in Mayoral Election Dispute
5/14/2020 11:58:06 AM
Description: The city of Sebastian is hoping mediation will resolve the ongoing dispute concerning an alleged take-over of the city government. According to residents of the city, three council members attempted to remove the mayor of Sebastian and fire all of

The City of Aspen and Mark Hunt Begin Mediation
5/14/2020 11:57:20 AM
Description:   Developer Mark Hunt’s attorneys have filed court documents indicating they will appeal the decision of the federal judge’s order that could throw the plans for development off track in the free-market residential units Hunt is

Mediation Has Begun in Annapolis Fair Housing Lawsuit
5/14/2020 11:56:18 AM
Description: The federal discrimination lawsuit against Annapolis and the housing authority is expected to include more than 52 public housing residents, many of whom are children. According to the motion, five adults and 17 children were recently added to the

COVID-19 Expected to Affect Future Mediation Procedures
5/14/2020 11:55:32 AM
Description: COVID-19 has affected most areas of life and that includes mediation. In many cases, mediations have been postponed because of the inability to travel and attend the session in person. Though many sessions can be conducted virtually, some states,

Crown Theatre Lawsuit Could Be Resolved in Mediation
5/14/2020 11:54:47 AM
Description: More than 22 complaints have been filed against Crown Theatre by people claiming they did not receive a refund to which they were entitled. At least 16 of those complaints have been referred to Indiana Attorney General’s consumer litigation