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Murray State University Rape Case Headed to Mediation
8/19/2019 12:12:36 PM
Description: A male student at Murray State University accused of rape will be able to plead his case to a mediator late this summer. According to Judge James T. Jameson, the upcoming status hearing on September 5th will be based on whatever comes out of

Extra Mediation Ahead as More Billing Lawsuits are Filed
8/19/2019 12:11:49 PM
Description: The number of people being sued by Glens Falls Hospitals continues to rise and now, to deal with the onslaught of lawsuits, more mediation sessions have been added.   Each of the respondents must begin with mediation with the hospital, but

Canadian Prisoner Released from Syrian Prison after Mediation
8/19/2019 12:11:02 PM
Description: A Canadian citizen who was held in a Syrian prison since 2018 has been freed following mediation overseen by the Lebanese government.   The prisoner, Kristian Lee Baxter, stated that he had no idea if people even knew he was still alive

Mediation Could Resolve Expensive Dispute between Denver International Airport and Great Hall
8/19/2019 12:10:15 PM
Description: The ongoing dispute between Great Hall contractor and the Denver International Airport concerning the terminal renovation product could still be resolved through mediation, despite a temporary lapse in negotiations. Airport officials and the

Mediator Dismisses Report of $8 Million Settlement in Roundup Case
8/19/2019 12:09:39 PM
Description: According to mediator Ken Feinberg, Bayer has not offered an $8 million settlement to take care of claims against the company regarding its Roundup weed killer product.   Feinberg dismissed the report in an email last week, causing shares of

Spinderella’s Lawsuit against Salt-N-Pepa Heads to Mediation
8/14/2019 12:34:04 PM
Description: Some of the most notorious ladies of rap are headed to mediation to resolve their ongoing legal battle. DJ Spinderella filed a lawsuit against her former group, Salt-N-Pepa in July. She was seeking compensation for royalties she claimed were left

Mediator Will Offer Assistance Resolving Houston Firefighter Dispute
8/14/2019 12:33:25 PM
Description: Houston Firefighters and city officials will return to mediation after the 14th Court of Appeals ruled they attempt again to settle the ongoing pay dispute. The dispute has stretched throughout the majority of the first term of Houston Mayor

Mediation Request Goes Ignored by 90 Day Fiance Star
8/14/2019 12:32:49 PM
Description: Darcey Silva, star of the TLC reality show 90 Day Fiance, has begun her search for love on the third season of the show’s spinoff Before the 90 Days, with a businessman from Britain named Tom Brooks. But her relationship with model Jesse

Collier County School Board and Mason Classical Academy Might Reach a Settlement after Mediation
8/14/2019 12:32:10 PM
Description: The ongoing dispute between Mason Classical Academy and the Collier County School Board could end up being settled soon through mediation. This was after the school district’s General Counsel determined that the year-long investigation into

Nobles County Set to Request Mediation over Health Plan Dispute
8/14/2019 12:31:30 PM
Description: The Minnesota Department of Human Services has rejected the attempt by Nobles County to provide a single health care plan to residents receiving medical assistance. Now, the issue will head to mediation as approved by a vote by leading