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Additional Time Granted for Mediation Proceedings in Dispute over Land at Ayodhya
6/7/2019 12:38:43 PM
Description: Mediators will have until August 15th to consider all amicable solutions for the dispute concerning land at Ayodhya.  The Supreme Court recently extended the date to give the panel additional time to work with those involved.

Oil Companies in Norway Hoping Mediation Will Help after Talks Break Down
6/7/2019 12:38:00 PM
Description: Norwegian oil companies are hopeful that mediation can help them reach a settlement over wages now that information negotiations between the two sides have broken down.  The breakdown set the state for an upcoming mediation that could prevent a

Ramsey County Hoping to Get Out of Joint Powers Agreement in Mediation
6/7/2019 12:37:17 PM
Description: An official complaint has been lodged by Ramsey County against the City of Arden Hills concerning the city’s refusal to participate in mediation or to terminate the joint powers agreement if it chooses not to enter mediation.  The joint

Mediation Heads to the Cloud
6/7/2019 12:36:38 PM
Description:   The CSG recently announced that mediation will be available by the cloud.  This platform will be hosted by Amazon Web Services and make it possible to meet mediation demands in real-time.  The cloud-based solution will be able to

Mediation between County and Judge Unsuccessful
6/7/2019 12:35:50 PM
Description: The dispute over employee pay will head back to court after mediation failed between the Howard County Council and Howard Superior I Judge Bill Menges.  The failure came after several mediation attempts passed without a resolution.

Mediation Continues Among SAS Pilots on Strike
5/24/2019 12:38:13 PM
Description: Days of mediation have failed to produce a resolution for the Scandinavian airline SAS and the union representing the pilots. The pilots have been on strike, which has led to the grounding of nearly 400,000 passengers due to the cancelation of

Lawsuit Related to Traffic Stop Could Be Settled in Mediation
5/24/2019 12:37:30 PM
Description: Mediation will be held this summer between lawyers for the American Civil Liberties Union of Vermont (ACLUV) and the state of Vermont concerning a traffic stop that occurred in 2014. The case involves a black male driver who was allegedly stopped

Mediation Ends between Houston and Firefighters over Proposition B
5/24/2019 12:36:46 PM
Description: It is now expected that firefighter layoffs will occur after mediation regarding prop B failed to provide a resolution to the ongoing dispute between the city of Houston and its firefighters.   The mediation had been ordered by the court, so

Settlement Reached in Mediation between Family of Murder Victim and Minneapolis Police
5/24/2019 12:35:47 PM
Description:   Minneapolis - The family of a woman shot and killed by a Minneapolis police officer has reached a $20 million settlement with the city, according to Mayor Jacob Frey. The officer was found guilty of third degree murder and manslaughter after

Mediation Ahead for GE Anesthesia Machine Servicing Case
5/24/2019 12:35:06 PM
Description: A lawsuit claiming antitrust violations with servicing agreements with General Electric Co. is headed to mediation. The lawsuit claims GE monopolizes the market for servicing of anesthesia machines.   The servicing agreements were signed by