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Harvey Weinstein and Victims Headed to Mediation
11/26/2018 1:00:19 PM
Description: Harvey Weinstein’s attorneys and women accusing him of sexual misconduct are in the process of considering if mediation could help them resolve their dispute. The goal of the mediation would be to reach a financial settlement regarding the

Sexual Assault Claim Headed to Mediation
11/26/2018 12:57:25 PM
Description: Actress Sarah Scott has agreed to mediation after spending months waiting for the SAG-AFTRA union to act on her claims of sexual assault. Her lawsuit was based on allegations related to sexual assault by her co-star Kip Purdue on the indie TV show

Former Prosecutor’s Office Secretary Lawsuit Headed to Mediation
7/5/2018 1:40:21 PM
Description: The lawsuit filed by former prosecutor’s office secretary Evon Staley is headed to facilitative mediation.  Staley made claims against Branch County Prosecutor Ralph Kimble, claiming she was wrongfully terminated, and that Kimble

Mediation Results in $150,000 Settlement Regarding County Coroner Sexual Harassment Accusations
4/16/2018 6:14:12 PM
Description: Yakima County will pay a county employee $150,000 after accusations were levied against County Coroner Jack Hawkins.  The path to the settlement included mediation, and while the settlement is significant, the terms of the mediated agreement

Mediation Will Attempt to End Civil Dispute against DuBois Priest
8/5/2017 7:00:53 PM
Description:   The civil lawsuit between two local DuBois parishes, the Roman Catholic Erie Diocese, and DuBois women will now head to mediation.   The woman, Kathleen A. Clement, filed a lawsuit in May 2016, claiming Reverend Daniel Kresinski

Florida Parent School Lawsuit Mediation Fails
6/6/2016 5:29:11 PM
Description: Mediation was attempted and failed in the lawsuit concerning a former second grade student at the Stanley Switlik Elementary school in Marathon, Florida. The parents allege the school did not protect their daughter and they are holding both the

Third Victim Comes Forward in Sexual Harassment Lawsuit
1/7/2016 3:58:27 PM
Description: Yet another Wappingers Central School District custodian has brought suit against a former supervisor and the district concerning sexual harassment charges. The latest accuser, 56 year old Angelo DiGregorio, claims Catherine DeFazio, who was at one

Mergemarket Lawsuits Headed for Mediation
5/23/2015 1:21:41 PM
Description: Battling lawsuits between Mergemarket Ltd. and former employees has been ordered to mediation by the court. The initial lawsuit was filed by former employees Valeria Girimonte and Flavia Santana, who claimed both gender and racial discrimination at

Women Agree to Mediation with West Virginia University
4/19/2015 11:28:28 AM
Description: Three women employed by West Virginia University (WVU) Hospitals in the Department of Neurosurgery have agreed to engage in mediation to attempt to resolve their lawsuit against the university and Dr. Charles Rosen, who they claim discriminated

New Jersey Court Orders Police Officer and Glen Rock into Mediation
4/19/2015 11:26:19 AM
Description: A sexual harassment lawsuit filed by a former police office against the town of Glen Rock, New Jersey, has been ordered into mandatory mediation.   Former officer Matthew Stanislao filed a sexual harassment suit against the town in late 2014,