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Financial Documents To Collect For Divorce Mediation
4/24/2014 2:22:42 PM
Description: When you start a divorce process, there are a number of documents that you’ll want to collect for your reference. You’ll also need them for your mediator and attorney and ultimately for your spouse. Collecting this information for some

3/17/2014 12:24:11 PM
Description: Written by Barbara Kellman First Published by PCFINE CONNECTION VOL. 3, NO. 1 SPRING 2014 Psychoanalytic Couples & Family Institute of New

Insurance Mediation Legislation Currently Being Considered in the Connecticut General Assembly
3/14/2013 3:36:29 PM
Description:   After the confusion and damage caused by Hurricane Sandy, the insurance department of the State of Connecticut has proposed mediation as a state-wide option to help policyholders resolve disputes over claims.  The focus of the program

Divorce: Where to Start Logically...
7/19/2012 4:44:56 PM
Description: Divorce: Where to Start Logically…   The phone rings.  It is one spouse who wants to mediate a divorce because he heard it is cheap, she heard it was better for the kids, he heard it was faster, she heard it is better than

Is it worth the paper it is written on?
7/2/2012 5:31:14 PM
Description: ATTORNEY LIEN CLAIMED:   Is It Worth the Paper It is Written on?   By Jon D. Starr   It has become a somewhat common practice by attorneys representing persons involved in personal injury claims to type the words "Attorney Lien

Creative ADR-Functioning Outside the Box
6/6/2012 1:35:33 PM
Description:   “Creative ADR-Functioning Outside the Box”   by Steven A. Stinson Stinson Mediation, L.L.C. 5725 Corporate Way, Suite 209 West Palm Beach, FL 33407 Certified Circuit Civil Mediator Phone: (561)-683-8551 Cell:

The Divorce Mediation Checklist
3/28/2011 8:05:24 AM
Description: Divorce is one of the most stressful experiences a person can have, but consulting with a mediation attorney and creating a divorce mediation checklist can make matters easier to deal with. A checklist ensures that both parties cover the