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The Long Island Divorce Mediation Option

Friday, September, 30, 2011

Long Island divorce mediation provides a solution that couples can use to make the dissolution of a marriage less difficult than it would otherwise be.  Divorce is a time in a couple's life when emotions often reach peaks of anger, confusion, and resentment.  Unfortunately, the most common way to proceed through a divorce is one that does little to nothing to deal with these emotions, let alone turn them down pathways that would be productive and helpful.  There is another way, however: divorce mediation.


Long Island Divorce Mediation Solves Complex Issues


Some states have begun to recognize the powerful role that divorce mediation can play in making the end of a marriage far less antagonistic.  In these states, divorces may begin in court, and some still end there, but at some time during the court process, the husband and wife must work with a mediation attorney in an attempt to reach a peaceful settlement on the distribution of marital assets as well as the allocation of child custody and decisions regarding raising the children and providing for their future education. 


Divorce mediation is helpful because most marital relationships include financial considerations that can be quite complex.Fighting these out in court is not an efficient way of unraveling all the potential issues of joint accounts, investments, retirement funds, and in many cases, ownership of the family home, either as joint tenancy or as community property.