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Stryker Hip Replacement Lawsuit Headed to Mediation

Thursday, July 20, 2017

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The Stryker medical device company and one of the consumers who filed lawsuits against the company related to their hip replacement devices have agreed to attempt mediation to resolve the claims.   This occurred after a Pennsylvania federal judge dismissed most of the claims except for one single charge. 


According to the lawsuit, plaintiff Gary Webb received hip replacement components from Stryker during his total hip replacement procedure in 2012.   Following the operation, he developed an infection and the device had to be removed and replaced with an antibiotic cement spacer, as well as other medical treatments.   He then underwent revision surgery in 2013 after being diagnosed with a fracture.  


The lawsuit was originally filed in a Beaver County Common Pleas Court, but was removed to a district court in November 2016.   The suit’s strict liability allegations were dismissed with prejudice, and the allegations related to negligent design and manufacturing were dismissed without prejudice.  


Now, the remaining charge will be settled through mediation between the two parties.   The judge ordered mediation to help Webb and Stryker settle the dispute as quickly and as efficiently as possible. 


Stryker has been named in numerous lawsuits related to its hip replacement devices and in May 2017 announced that 95 percent of patients had registered for expanded hip replacement settlements.   The company claims it will be making most of the payments by the end of 2017, though it is expected that additional suits will be filed as time passes and more people experienced complications from their hip replacement devices. 

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