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Indiana Town and Clerk-Treasurer Still Locked in Mediation

Friday, April 10, 2015

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An ongoing dispute between the town of St. John, Indiana and its current Clerk-Treasurer, Sherry Sury, continues to be mired in a slow-moving mediation process even as Sury has announced she will not seek another term as Clerk-Treasurer due to failing health.


Sury has served two full terms as Clerk-Treasurer and is finishing up a third. However, ill-health that has her connected to oxygen at all times and requiring in-hospital treatments on a weekly basis have left her unable to work in the office more than two hours a week. She intends to finish out her term, but will not seek re-election.


The mediation stems from the decision by the town council to bar Sury from Executive Sessions, which she had normally attended in the past. The bar came after Sury objected to several “improper” discussions and actions at an executive session. Sury filed a lawsuit in 2013 over the bar and other actions by the council. That lawsuit was referred to mediation, and in 2014 agreements were reached concerning two of Sury’s complaints. However, the full council has not voted on these agreements, and Sury’s illness has prevented her from being more active in the dispute.


The council then sought an injunction to prevent Sury from returning to work without clearance from a doctor. Sury has instructed her attorney to seek a lift of the injunction, as she is now pursuing rehabilitation at home. The mediation process has slowed to a crawl due to the inability of Sury to attend sessions and the lack of interest from the council.

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