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Lincoln County Mediator Calls for Mediation to End Dispute over Pesticide Spraying

Saturday, May 20, 2017

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The dispute over aerial pesticide spraying in Lincoln County continues and now, Wallace Kaufman, an area mediator, is calling for the two sides to come together in an attempt to mediate the dispute. 


According to Kaufman, the ban is “… typical of so many polarizing environmental issues that could be resolved through mediation rather than litigation and confrontation that deepens community divisions.” Kaufman believes if the measure passes, it will certainly lead to litigation and if it fails, there will be deep divisions within the community over the issue.  


Now, Kaufman is calling on those involved in the dispute to put the mediation process to work.   He believes the dispute is “ripe for mediation” because both sides shave stated their unwavering positions and have used self-serving arguments and selective facts to stand their ground.   As negative as that sounds, it is how many mediations begin and a skilled mediator is able to move both sides to a mutual understanding. 


Kaufman also points out that those opposing the spray ban have included a variety of other demands in addition to the requests that spraying be banned.   He believes that putting these issues on the backburner while the spraying issues is dealt with in mediation could be helpful.  


According to Kaufman, the needs of both sides can be addressed through mediation.   He believes it is possible to reconcile the need to be protected against toxic chemicals with the need to protect against economic uncertainty, and he is calling on the county commissioners to move toward immediate mediation to resolve the issue. 

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