September 15, 2017

Mortgage Assistance Available In The Wake Of Hurricane Irma – MIAMI (CBSMiami) –  Florida homeowners who may have trouble making their mortgage payments after Hurricane Irma could be eligible for a mortgage loan deferment.

Looking to buy cheap? Consider a foreclosure … carefully – If home owners fail to pay their mortgage and can’t pay off outstanding debt, or arrange with the bank to sell the property at a loss, the home goes into mortgage foreclosure. The process from unpaid mortgage to auction can take more than a year, during which owners often don’t maintain the property. If a home doesn’t sell at auction, the lender, usually a bank, assumes the property and puts it on the market.

I Racked Up $10K Of Debt Traveling The World–Here’s What I Learned While Paying It Off – Credit card debt was a vicious cycle. I could only pay the interest each month, so I never made a dent on the balance. All my cash was going to payments, so I was never able to save. When an unplanned expense cropped up (did I mention I drove a ‘98 Buick LeSabre?) I couldn’t cover it, and had to use the credit card again. Before long, I was in more than $10,000 of debt. I had to make changes, fast.

September 8, 2017

Fifty–fifty split better for children of divorce – Young children whose parents are divorced should split their time equally between both parents’ homes, a study has found.

Why filing bankruptcy may not necessarily stop a home foreclosure – There is at least one thing that you must know about bankruptcy and how it affects home mortgages: A person goes through the bankruptcy process, not the property. That is to say, when you filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy, you went through the process and the bankruptcy court cleared you of all obligations to pay debts that you owed. The court discharged all of your prior debts.

Mortgage rates follow bond yields down to a 10-month low – Rates for home loans lurched to a fresh 2017 low, trailing bond yields in the wake of new geopolitical fears and lingering monetary stimulus, mortgage provider Freddie Mac said Thursday.

September 8, 2017

August 29, 2017

What Every Dad Loses In Divorce – Everyone loses in divorce. But in many ways the dad in the equation typically loses more and much faster than any other member. It doesn’t have to be this way. In my opinion, 50/50 parenting with no child support should be the norm. It’s not what I go, even though I asked for the 50/50 split regardless of the money. That’s not what my then-wife wanted and her lawyer had told her what she’d get if we went to court, so we started negotiations there. It sucked. It was unfair. And as the dad, I lost everything in a single stroke of the pen.

How to Lower Your Monthly Mortgage Payment – Money is tight, and you’re looking for expenses to cut. Your mortgage payment is the biggest bite out of your paycheck, so that seems like the logical place to start.

Foreclosures on the rise for seniors with reverse mortgages – Across the nation, an increasing number of seniors are facing foreclosure after taking out reverse mortgages, either because they fell behind on property charges or failed to meet other requirements of the complex mortgage loans, according to federal data and interviews with consumer and housing specialists.

August 18, 2017

Mortgage rates resume free fall as ‘uncertainty’ swirls – Rates for home loans fell to a seven-week low as ongoing economic uncertainty kept a tight lid on bond yields, mortgage provider Freddie Mac said Thursday.

Student loan debt crushing older Americans too – The crushing weight of student loan debt isn’t a problem affecting just younger Americans; a new study shows older Americans are shouldering an increasing share of the nation’s collective $1.34 trillion student loan debt.

5 ways VR is making the real estate business better for everyone – There’s great optimism associated with the promise of VR, and revenues from this industry are expected to reach $13 billion in this year. Despite the optimism, widespread adoption of VR has remained elusive. For real estate, however, the potential of VR is being reality quickly.

July 17, 2017

Americans in this field have the highest rate of divorce by age 30 – Workers in certain fields are seeing higher divorce rates by age 30, a new analysis of U.S. Census Data from career website Zippia found. The highest divorce rate was for first-line enlisted military supervisors, its analysis of Census Bureau’s Public Use Microdata Sample, or PUMS, data found. They had a divorce rate of 30%. The occupation involves leading operations and coordinating the activities of enlisted military personnel.

Your credit score soon will get a buffer from medical-debt wrecks – For many consumers, an unexpected healthcare calamity can quickly burgeon into a financial calamity. Just over half of all the debt that appears on credit reports is related to medical expenses, and consumers may find that their credit score gets as banged up as their body.

Teachers With Student Debt: The Struggle, The Causes And What Comes Next – Teachers are paid significantly less than many other highly educated professionals. We decided to take a look at student debt among teachers specifically, because we see it as a crossroads of several big trends: chronic concerns over teacher pay amid calls to improve teacher quality; the rising cost of higher ed; the increasing reliance on loans to pay for it; and changing policies from the Trump administration.

July 11, 2017

Divorce isn’t all bad – sometimes it can help you better understand yourself – Anyone who’s gone through a divorce is likely to cite that time in their life as one of the worst things they’ve experienced.

Credit Agencies To Ease Up On Medical Debt Reporting – Millions of Americans have medical debt that’s hurting their credit. The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau estimated it’s as many as 43 million people, according to data released in late 2014.

Can I Sell My Home If It Is in Foreclosure? – Foreclosure is a long and heartbreaking process for a homeowner. But, it’s not hopeless. When looking for a solution to defaulting on their mortgage payments, many owners float this question: “Can I sell my home if it is in foreclosure?” The short answer is yes.